3 Best Known Boxing Cities



3 Best Known Boxing Cities

With so many martial arts being popular today, boxing has to compete to retain its status as a gentlemen’s sport that everybody loves. Since the emergence of K1, UFC, and especially MMA superstars like Conor McGregor, many boxing fans shifted their interest toward these combat sports. Fighting spectacles occur very often so if you look where boxing matches are held, you get a clear picture about who’s who in the world of professional fighters. Cities like London, Las Vegas, or Guadalajara host memorable fighting events that we always so eagerly anticipate. There is some mystique about these sites because they are also the birthplaces of many former or current world champions.

The Mecca Of Boxing
People come to Las Vegas for two things, gambling in flashy casinos or watching heavyweight championship spectacles. This city’s reputation is notorious but legendary as many champs left their mark in Nevada’s desert battleground. Fighters like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, or most recently Floyd Mayweather took part in the most intriguing pay-per-view fights which can bring in millions of dollars to this city. People are paying to watch these battles because they are brutal and beautiful at the same time, and nobody can suppress that Vegas strip glamour on the fight night. Celebrities gather in front rows while ordinary players watch from home or tune in while they play some poker or slots at MGM or Caesar’s palace.

Every fight is more interesting if there is a bet related to it as it brings more excitement to it, and in Vegas, you cannot miss a betting parlor. Even those who bet online cannot resist one of the best boxing cities in this world. If you really prefer betting on anything else rather than boxing, try 10 dollar minimum deposit casino and see if it satisfies your gambling thirst. Everyone has some bet size that suits them and a 10 dollar minimum deposit casino suits those who like to play it nice and easy. In Sin City, one can lay down any boxing bet that he can think of, as those bookies will be more than happy to take your money.

Birthplace Of Boxing

When The Marquess of Queensberry Rules were announced in London in 1865, the sweet science of boxing was transformed from bare-knuckle fighting to a more civilized brawling. This city became the center of the British fighting style which was dominant until American fighters started excelling in the 1920s. These old-school champs more so fought for glory and not a payout or large bonuses like today’s contesters. In those days, honor and pride were more important than money, perhaps because there wasn’t so much money fluctuating out there. Today, London’s O2 Arena hosts great British champs like Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, or Billy Joe Sanders.

Future Of Boxing

American domination in this sport started fading away when Mexican-style and Mexican brawlers took over in the late nineties, starting with legendary fighters like Oscar De La Hoya and Julio Caesar Chavez. Today, a champion like Canelo Alvarez represents the new face of Mexican boxing and every online casino turns their fight into special events. Guadalajara, Mexico City continues to produce new generations of fighters. Even if you enjoy free spins more than fighting, watching brawlers from Guadalajara will turn you into an avid martial arts fan. This city is the future of boxing and we eagerly wait for a new generation of fighters to emerge and conquer this world.

These cities retain their cult status thanks to the constant resurgence of young and prosperous fighters who carry on the legacy created by their predecessors. With fighters like Canelo and Ryan Garcia the future of boxing seems bright with top boxing cities retaining their prestige and charm as sites that host the best fighting events. When one thinks about boxing, he thinks of Las Vegas or London and if he wants to bet on these fighters, these same cities come to his mind. Whether you want to enjoy a good fight or try some luck in a casino, these places will satisfy all your cravings. If you ever visit one of these cities, walk by a stadium where title matches occur and pay homage to champions and modern gladiators that we worship so much.