KSI vs Tommy Fury Prediction – Upset On The Cards?



KSI vs Tommy Fury Prediction – Upset On The Cards?

One of the biggest combat sports events of the year is here! On Saturday, October 14th, Misfits x DAZN 10 comes to us live from Manchester, England. The co-main event features some seriously bad blood between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul, KSI's Prime partner. Here though, we are making our prediction for the main event, which sees KSI take on Tommy Fury, half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Read on below to find our prediction for this massive main event.

KSI: Making A Habit of Defying The Odds

As the heading above implies, KSI has made a career of defying exceptions and upsetting predictions.

From his YouTube career, he rose to become one of the biggest/most well-known celebrities in the UK, as well as the wider world. In music, he's had massive mainstream and commercial success, paving the way for other influencer figures to have success in that domain. Now, he has defied most the prediction of so many in his boxing career, having made “influencer boxing” a very real thing. Now though, he faces the biggest challenge of his life by far – a professional boxer in the form of Tommy Fury.

Tommy Fury: Feeling The Pressure?

Tommy Fury has looked like a man dealing with a lot of pressure this week.

Tommy Fury Rues 'Circus Act' Ahead of Fight With KSI - News18

Tommy Fury looked rattled at today's weigh-ins, and tried to break through the Plexiglas-glass in the DAZN cage. (Image Credit: News18)

To be fair, KSI is an excellent wind-up merchant, probably capable of irritating St. Peter himself given the chance. However, there is a lot riding on this fight for Tommy Fury. He beat KSI's fierce foe Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, but was only able to squeak past in a split decision. Despite holding that ace heading into this fight, there is no doubt that Tommy Fury is feeling a lot of pressure. Not only does he have the pressure of being an actual professional boxer, but that Fury name can be a heavy cross to bear.

KSI: Path to Victory – Use Unorthodox Movement To Create Opening

There are three things KSI has working in his favour – his unorthodox movement, his relentless pressure and his raw power.

KSI made an interesting observation to Tommy at their press conference yesterday; his unorthodox movement. Having trained at London Shoot Fighters, KSI has developed some very unorthodox angles of attack, which was on full display when he viciously knocked out FaZe Temperrr. With Tommy being a very traditional fighter, those unorthodox angles could create problems for him.

KSI KNOCKS OUT FaZe Temperrr in the first round of their Misfits 004 main  event clash in London | Daily Mail Online

KSI employs extremely unorthodox, MMA movement, which could throw Tommy Fury off his game. (Image Credit: Daily Mail)

The other two factors are his relentless pressure and his power. If you rewatch Fury's fight against Jake Paul, his conditioning really started to worsen towards the end of the fight. Despite this fight being fewer rounds, you can guarantee that KSI will push the pace to the absolute maximum, and he will make Tommy work for every second of it. Additionally, given his sheer, raw power, if KSI connects flush with a good, clean shot, then Tommy could be in a world of trouble on Saturday night. Remember – Tommy did get dropped by Jake in their fight in Riyadh.

Tommy Fury: Path to Victory – Pugilistic Prowess is Pivotal

There is absolutely no doubt that Tommy Fury is the better boxer in this fight.

Jake Paul explains why Tommy Fury didn't win fight despite clearly winning  fight - Mirror Online

Tommy Fury's jab was an extremely effective weapon against Jake Paul, and will likely be a big obstacle for KSI on Saturday night. (Image Credit: The Mirror)

Realistically, I can't make the prediction that Fury will outwork KSI (my prediction is that he will counter-punch), nor can I tell you that he will knock KSI out, because I don't think he has the power to. However, he DOES have the ability to out-box KSI, and that is his path to victory.

If you watch any of KSI's previous fights, he hasn't exactly fought world class opposition who are actually good at boxing. Regardless of opinion, Tommy Fury can box. If KSI comes in windmilling and trying to mindlessly brawl with Fury, he could very well pick him apart from range. However, I am very intrigued to see how Fury's gas tank holds up. Like I said, he started to really fade towards the end of the Paul fight, and KSI will put Fury through one hell of a pace.

Official Prediction: KSI To Pull Off Stunning Victory

Yes, I said it. My prediction is that KSI will win.

Firstly, I genuinely believe that KSI has really rattled Tommy Fury, and is firmly planted inside his head. This is never a good start if you are a fighter. Secondly, my prediction includes the probability that Fury will really struggle with the pace KSI sets. Even with counter-boxing, it is not enough if you are drained by the pace.

Derek Chisora backs KSI to 'SMOKE' Tommy Fury were the pair to meet | Daily  Mail Online

Despite perhaps being a surprise prediction, I am making the prediction that KSI pulls off a huge upset on Saturday night. (Image Credit: Daily Mail)

My official prediction is that Tommy will actually be winning for the first few rounds, and that KSI will struggle with the boxing. However, my prediction is that Tommy will fade, and KSI will win land something huge, winning via KO in round five.

[Scratches record] Yeah, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up here...or not. My name's Keelin McNamara, and I am an AVID combat sports fan. Always have been, and probably always will be. I started writing and podcasting about MMA in the Summer of 2020 (yeah, we don't talk about that here either). I've been doing it ever since, and have loved every single minute of it! Thanks for checking out whatever it is you're reading - I hope you enjoy it!

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