Who Won the Weekend? Wilder Wins? Or Inoue Does The Godzilla Stomp And Snags Honors?



Who Won the Weekend? Wilder Wins? Or Inoue Does The Godzilla Stomp And Snags Honors?

Pretty interesting weekend of boxing played out. America's heavyweight champion gave the people what they wanted, their 260 pounds of flesh, crumpled to the canvas. And then, in Scotland, another guy made arguably as much impact, and made like $19.5 million dollars less along the way…

“The Bronze Bomber” scrubbed Dominic Breazeale off the social media map…

…and Naoya Inoue in the World Boxing Super Series semi-final forced another batch of pugilism fans to poke a neighbor and ask: Howdoya pronounce Naoya Inoue, anyway?

That aside….we asked, as we always do, our fearless crew to sift through the dust…adjust their filters…sort it out and get it out, and tell us, Who Won the Weekend!?


Abe Gonzalez votes thusly: “Naoya Inoue clearly won the weekend. He processed the data he was receiving immediately and was able to make that adjustment faster than most fighters have in recent years. Special gets thrown around alot these days but there is no question we are seeing something that only comes along once every 10 or 15 years. The monster has officially invaded boxing.”

And what say you, Kelsey McCarson? “As great as Naoya Inoue looked in stopping Emmanuel Rodriguez on Saturday in Glasgow, to me there's nothing bigger or better than the heavyweight champion of the world, Deontay Wilder, completely annihilating a contender like Dominic Breazeale in just one round. What an amazing punch, and what as an awesome performance by WBC champ Wilder.”

Kelsey gave his vote to Wilder, and who made the Bomb Squad happy with his detonation on Breazeale's head.

Kelsey gave his vote to Wilder, and who made the Bomb Squad happy with his detonation on Breazeale's head.

“While I don't think of Dominic Breazeale as anything special in a very top heavy wight class, Deontay Wilder needed to do something to wash away the lackluster performance he gave against the worst fighter to watch in recent history, Tyson Fury,” said David Phillips. “The only thing that will really do that is taking Fury down. However, in the meantime, to crush a decent enough heavyweight in the first round is the best he could do right now. And he did that. For all the things that are wrong with Wilder – and the list is long – his hands are loaded up with “hurtin' bombs.” He proved that again Saturday night.”

Deontay Wilder – The Heavyweight Division is back – BOMBBBBBB SQUADDDDD,” says Chris Glover, giving his #WWTW vote to the WBC champ.

Jonathan Leir says this: “Few could have a better Saturday than Naoya Inoue did. Not only did he dispatch of a champion opponent in less than 2 rounds, he did so while showcasing his full skill set. Speed, power, strength and accuracy. Thrusting himself into the top 5 pound for pound discussions and as must see TV whenever he graces the ring. This Monster is scary good.”

“The Monster” opened eyes, and then some, by closing out the night in the WBSS semi.

Vladimir Lik votes this way: 

Deontay Wilder:

-millions of people watch him score a devastating first round knockout!

-millions more watched the sensational highlight on social media of the knockout!

-Wilder was covered on mainstream media outside of traditional boxing channels.

-Heat on Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury will I resist to fight Wilder now that he is even more relevant again. Wilder won the weekend.”

Said Alden Chodash: “Gotta go with Naoya Inoue, decimating a class unbeaten world champion like he was a second rate contender.”

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