Who Wins and How? Canelo vs Rocky



Who Wins and How? Canelo vs Rocky

Hours from now, it will get sorted out…Talking ceases and punches begin.

Could Rocky Fielding pull the upset of the year in NYC at MSG tonight over Canelo Alvarez? Let's see what the NYF Squad and select A-grade pundits and industry leaders say, shall we?


“Canelo will box cautiously early as he needs to feel the punches at the new weight class. Rocky knows this and will punch from the outside, hold and lean on him in order to try to wear Canelo out,” said Abe Gonzalez. “Canelo will figure things out by round 4 or 5 and that's when you will see him unleash the master boxer skills. Canelo will start imposing his will late and will settle for a unanimous decision. And by the way, you can follow me on twitter @abeg718 as I talk about the big fights, promote GRADE A pieces from other NYFights writers and provide ringside reports on West Coast club shows.”

“As this recent article shows I enjoy looking for alternative angles when it comes to breaking down fights and looking for unexpected outcomes,” said Colin Morrison. “In the case of Canelo vs. Rocky though, I sadly can't see it going any other way than the widely predicted win for Canelo. While Fielding, trained by the excellent Jamie Moore, will be well prepared with a solid game-plan it won't be enough to overcome the extra level of talent Canelo possesses. I actually think Canelo will take control of the contest fairly early on and on the foundation of a solid body attack will have Fielding out of there before the half-way point.”

“Give me a sec to figure out who the F Rocky Fielding is. Okay, got it. Canelo in 4,” said David Phillips. “Fielding is on a nice six bout winning streak since getting blitzed by Callum Smith in the 1st a little over three years ago. His upset win over Tyron Zeuge (god love a white dude named Tyron) put him here, but that W won't help him much against Canelo. I give him until the 4th because Canelo can be a slow starter. This largely is a keep busy fight for Alvarez and I don't expect him to be busy for all that long.”

“I’d love, just love, to write a whole thing about a puncher's chance and beating the odds. However, Rocky is no kind of puncher and Canelo is. Canelo, likely ninth or tenth round stoppage after it gets real brutal,” said Tom Penney.

“Canelomania invades New York tonight against an opponent that has many wondering “who?” To get to the chase, Canelo by decision,” said Hamza Ahmed.  “He'll look to give the New York fans a show however, that show may become sustained punishment for Rocky. Don't be surprised if the corner throw in the towel but a  decision win is what I'm sticking with. He'll win in style and Canelomania will continue to run wild!”

Who wins and how, I asked Bob Arum, who is vacationing in France. “Canelo wins by KO3,” the Top Rank bossman said.

Lou Dibella, who wins and how? “Canelo KO…whenever he wants.”

“If Canelo doesn’t let complacency set in, it should be home free. 12 rounds no contest,” said the living legend George Foreman. “The problem with him could be all the hype on the last couple could have left him drained of the fear needed to win any fight? I’ve been there. Big contract with ‘ABC’ money put away safe, eyeing Hollywood, let me just do my stuff… Jimmy Young was waiting to feast. A concern for the fighter. Canelo’s biggest opponent now is complacency.”

“Who the hell is Rocky anyway?!?! Canelo. KO, obvs,” messaged champeen Heather Hardy, who is working on locking down her next fight.

Eric Kelly, what say you? “Canelo will win a clear decision or late round stoppage. Who is Rocky? No one heard of him last year or never saw him fight. Who has he fought? They only put Canelo in fights that he can’t win, when there’s HUGE $$$ at stake, or they feel like robbing somebody. But don’t worry, we got a fresh set of killers coming out of SouthBoX gym that’s going to put the boxing world on notice. “ (EDITOR NOTE: He is not a huge Canelo fan, if you didn’t know.)

“Canelo’s power diminishes with each move up in weight. Fielding is a long and competent boxer,” said Mark Kriegel. “That should make it interesting – for a few minutes. A round or two to feel Fielding out. A round or two to gauge the distance. A round to end it. Canelo, by TKO in 5.”

“Rocky KO1! Just kidding! Canelo unanimous decision,” said manager/BoxingTalk publisher Greg Leon.

“Canelo by KO in 7th,” said the Gleason's boss Bruce Silverglade.

And what say YOU?

Founder/editor Michael Woods got addicted to boxing in 1990, when Buster Douglas shocked the world with his demolition of the then-impregnable Mike Tyson. The Brooklyn-based journalist has covered the sport since for ESPN The Magazine,, Bad Left Hook and RING. His journalism career started with NY Newsday in 1999. Michael Woods is also an accomplished blow by blow and color man, having done work for Top Rank, DiBella Entertainment, EPIX, and for Facebook Fightnight Live, since 2017.