UFC Vegas 75 Payouts: Former Title Challengers Expecting Big Paydays



UFC Vegas 75 Payouts: Former Title Challengers Expecting Big Paydays

We've got MMA action and the UFC Vegas 75 payouts to cover right here! With another event right around the corner, UFC fans have a lot to be excited about. From high-implication bouts to exciting fighters trying to make their marks, this card has all the ingredients to be one of those that fans are grateful they didn't miss out on. While this card doesn't have the star power of a PPV, it's events like this where momentum is gathered and splashes are made.

Headlined by two former middleweight title challengers, the winner of the main event won't be far off from another shot at middleweight gold, potentially against Israel Adesanya. But, before we get there, we have so many fun matchups to watch. So, with an event like this, how are the UFC payouts looking? Let's get into that.

UFC Fighter Pay: What Will Marvin Vettori and Jared Cannonier Be Paid At UFC Vegas 75?

UFC Vegas 75 payouts

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We're glad you asked. Based off of previous UFC payouts, it's looking like both Vettori and Cannonier are making well over six-figures as a base pay. That's to be expected when you get some fighters that have been hanging around the top of the heap for as long as these two have.

Per previous payouts, it's safe to assume that before any bonuses or sponsorship money, ‘The Italian Dream' will be taking home around $200,000. Should he get the win, then he's looking at an over 300k purse for his time spent in the office this weekend. With this fight expected to be pretty close, it's only fitting that both fighters are getting paid in the same ballpark.

Jared Cannonier, longtime UFC fighter and winning athlete in multiple weight classes, has tenure in the UFC, having fought for the company since 2015. Cannonier is expected to make north of $250,000, win or lose. Of course, there are some UFC bonuses, winning and Armanpost-fight,  that'll be awarded here, but we cannot predict where those extra lumps of money will be allocated.

Vettori And Cannonier are in odd positions leading into this weekend's action. Both have made it close to the top of the middleweight mountain, but both fell short against Israel Adesanya. Now, with both of them coming off of extremely close fights that they were awarded the nod, it seems that whoever wins here will be making a final grab at gold. Or, at least one last grab before really taking some time to work back up or switching divisions.

Of course, anything can happen; Marvin isn't even thirty yet and Cannonier continues to impress. But, the tension surrounding this fight is palpable and we cannot ignore that it seems there's a lot on the line here.

UFC Payouts: What the Rest of the Card Can Expect

As for the UFC Vegas 75 payouts regarding the rest of the card, we've got that covered, too. Looking at the UFC fighter pay for the remainder of the card, we'll see what a lot of these fighters are making while they try to make their impact in the UFC this weekend. Again, these are just estimated base pay numbers — no UFC bonuses or sponsorship money will be included.

  • Marvin Vettori – $200,000
  • Jared Cannonier – $275,000
  • Arman Tsarukyan – $90,000
  • Joaquim Silva – $45,000
  • Armen Petrosyan – $24,000
  • Christian Leroy Duncan – $12,000
  • Pat Sabatini – $30,000
  • Lucas Almeida – $12,000
  • Manuel Torres – $12,000
  • Nikolas Motta – $12,000
  • Nicolas  Dalby – $30,000
  • Muslim Salikhov – $36,000

A lot of fairly new fighters will be on the main card, and the pay reflects that. The fighters that have made their mark in the UFC by winning fights and sticking around a bit are getting a huge cut of the pie for the UFC Vegas 75 payouts. Beyond the pay, this is a huge opportunity for all of the fighters on this card; having the chance to share the stage with former title challengers will propel their stock if they're able to show up and show out.

Again, this is one of those sleeper cards that the hardcore fans won't miss and the casual fans will be kicking themselves for missing. Many great match ups and so much potential line this card from top to bottom. Make sure you come back around and tune in with us here at NYFights while we give you the live scoring and results tomorrow night. See you all then!.

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