UFC on ESPN 50 Payouts: A Few Big Paydays Expected



UFC on ESPN 50 Payouts: A Few Big Paydays Expected

Here, we'll delve into what we expect for the UFC on ESPN 50 payouts. Based on previous bouts and current contracts, we'll try to ballpark what we're expecting the main card fighters for this weekend's action to pocket. This will be speculation on base pay; no sponsorship money or UFC bonuses will not be included.

With UFC fighter pay always being a hot topic, we figured we'd go ahead and give the estimated numbers for the UFC on ESPN 50 prize money. All of these numbers are subject to change, especially with the post-fight extras that are sprinkled onto the pay checks.

UFC Fighter Pay: What Will Sandhagen and Font Be Paid at UFC on ESPN 50?UFC on ESPN 50 Payouts - Cory Sandhagen

Per sources, both parts of our main event will be making well over six-figures. Cory Sandhagen has been a mainstay of the division for quite sometime now, so it would be criminal for him to make anything short of six-figures, especially for a title main event spot — one against an opponent that he wasn't originally training for.

It's looking like Cory Sandhagen will be making something in the neighborhood of $311,000. He made around $110,000 as a base pay for his last outing against Marlon ‘Chito' Vera, a fight where he dominated from bell to bell. Hopefully this pay bump is true and Sandhagen will make a pretty sizeable bag for this fight. On top of that, Cory is no stranger to UFC bonuses.

Moving forward with the UFC on ESPN 50 payouts, we'll look at Rob Font's purse. Also not to be a victim of bad UFC fight pay, Font is lookin at making around $266,000 this weekend. His last fight, that saw him beating Adrian Yanez, paid him around $210,000 as a base pay.  So, this is a pretty good look at the UFC on ESPN 50 prize money so far, but there are plenty more fights to look at. Let's get into the other UFC payouts for this card.

UFC Payouts:  What the Rest of the Card Can Expect

Bangers galore, we've got so many good fights to watch this weekend. The UFC brass knows what they're doing; to keep up with Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul and the WWE 2023 SummerSlam event, they put together this stacked, free card. Along with the big event comes some pretty good payouts. Here is the complete UFC on ESPN 50 payouts list for the main card.

  • Cory Sandhagen – $311,000
  • Rob Font – $266,000
  • Tatiana Suarez – $50,000
  • Jessica Andrade – $210,000
  • Dustin Jacoby – $75,000
  • Kennedy Nzechukwu – $75,000
  • Gavin Tucker – $30,000
  • Diego Lopes – $12,000
  • Aleska Camur – $12,000
  • Tanner Boser – $45,000
  • Ignacio Bahamondes – $30,000
  • L’udovit Klein – $26,000

As you can see, the UFC on ESPN 50 prize money is looking really good for some. There are a lot of relatively green names on this main card, so not all of the payouts are going to be huge. But, with a main and co-main event like this, it's a great opportunity for a lot of fighters to get their names out there with, hopefully, a lot of fans watching.

Again, those numbers don't tell of any sponsorship money, win bonuses or and other UFC bonuses that may be added — they're just base pay numbers. Come back by tomorrow for live coverage of the main card!

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