UFC Fight Night 230 Live Coverage – Barboza vs Yusuff



UFC Fight Night 230 Live Coverage – Barboza vs Yusuff

We've got the UFC Fight Night 230 live coverage right here for you! Just a few hours to go until it's main event time. Edson Barboza will add another notch to his already long and storied career; the time, he'll be taking on Sodiq Yusuff. 13-2 with only one loss in the UFC, Yusuff will be looking to make it three straight wins at the expense of Barboza.

Here, we'll give you the live coverage of this UFC Fight Night main event. This card has already been very exciting and it is just continuing to deliver. With a main event where both parties are certified scrappers, it's likely that we'll be ending the night on a fun and exciting note. Let's get to it!

UFC Fight Night 230 Live Coverage: Barboza vs Yusuff Live Round by Round Updates and ResultsUFC Fight Night 230 Live Coverage

The wait is over! Barboza and Yusuff have made their way to the ring and it's time for the action to begin. These featherweights will do battle in hopes of realizing a spot in the featherweight's top 15. Barboza enters this fight as one of the most formidable strikers that the UFC has ever seen. Yusuff has fought some of the best in the division and largely comes out on top.

Round 1: As this round starts, so does the action. Both fighters meet in the middle and trade shots. Yusuff lands a jab then a right hand seems to stun Barboza. Edson is moving his head, as he should, but he's running into shots and gets rocked early on in this round. Smelling blood in the water, Yusuff jumps on Edson and is persistent on a finish.

Edson stays composed and fires back when he needs, but largely, he's shelling up and shaking the cobwebs. The latter half of the round was slowed down, but the initial pace is something that's very hard to follow up. Yusuff won the rest of the round as well, this by staying on top in Edson's guard.

10-8 Yusuff

Round 2: The second round of this main event spot was a much different one than the first. Sodiq starts off strong, but he did allow Edson to put himself back in the fight. Yusuff was doing really well at attacking Edson's rear leg with kicks, but Edson got his hands going and was no longer moving backward.

This was a close round, but Edson certainly won the last half of it, possibly stealing the round.

10-9 Barboza

Round 3: The shots to the body from the second round seemed to have set in for this middle round. Yusuff is much slower now. Now that the pace is slower, Edson is finding his rhythm. More importantly, he found that signature spinning wheel kick and stuns Sodiq! Yusuff survived and we're going into the championship rounds.

10-9 Barboza

Round 4: Another close round, but Edson is the one landing the more influential shots now. He's ripping to the body, making Sodiq miss nearly every jab, and the threat of the spin is looming large again. Again, it was close, but I'm leaning toward Edson here.

10-9 Barboza

Round 5: So close in the early goings for Sodiq Yusuff, but it feels s whole lot like we're going to see Edson Barboza winning this fight. Barboza controlled the range and the rhythm in this final round. As game as they come, Yusuff was down to stand and trade, but he had no answers after the first round.

To solidify things, Barboza scored several takedowns as the final round.

10-9 Barboza

Official result: Edson Barboza via Unanimous Decision

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