UFC 287: UFC LIVE Results and Round by Round Updates



UFC 287: UFC LIVE Results and Round by Round Updates

UFC 287 is here! Another fight day, another stacked and star-studded UFC pay-per-view! Join us here to catch round-by-round updates and results.

UFC 287's headlining bout is Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya, which is exciting enough as is. This bout should be the wrap on a rivalry that has transcended martial arts; the two go back to 2016, where they first met in kickboxing. Adesanya always does well, but not well enough or long enough to beat Pereira.

‘Poatan' now has three wins over ‘Stylebender', the most recent being in the UFC and for a world title. Undeterred, Adesanya will look to right the wrongs of his previous meetings against the Brazilian, getting the belt back is just a bonus.

Before we get there, we have a main card that is stacked from bottom to top with talent. Raul Rosas Jr. looks to take another step toward becoming the youngest champion in UFC history, two exciting welterweights collide, Yanez and Font will clash in what is sure to be a striker's delight, and Jorge Masvidal will try to appease his hometown crowd while setting Gilbert Burns back. Stay tuned here for all of the updates you'll need!

UFC 287 main event results: Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya

And finally, the main event! Two of the finest kickboxers in the world will run it back for the fourth, and more than likely, final time. Alex Pereira has had Adesanya's number at every other meeting, but the former champ has this aura about him that is scary, and he seems more determined than ever.

The belt is a cool plus, but that's not what Izzy is after. He wants Pereira's head. This win means more than just a title for the former champ. However, many think that the champ just has Adesanya's number, and a win here will pretty much cement that thought as truth. Can Pereira get it done once more, or will Adesanya be able to finally triumph over this man? the wait is over!

Round one: Both fighters are as calculated as ever. The leg kicks are working well for both fighters. A right hand lands for Adesanya, who looks more determined than ever. However, The calf kicks from the champ are eating Israel's left leg up. He ends the round in the southpaw position.

10-9 Adesanya

Round two: The champ is on the prowl and early! He thinks Adesanya is a bit more hurt than he may have really been. However, those calf kicks are hurting the challenger. Adesanya seems to be hurt and his back is on the fence. ‘Poatan' throws a knee but he's countered. Two right hands go over the top and the champ is out cold! And new!

Official result: Isreel Adesanya via second round KO

UFC 287 co-main event results: Jorge Masvidal vs Gilbert Burns

It's looking like Leon Edwards will be fighting Colby Covington next. Though there's not a whole lot of reason as to why Covington gets this shot, Masvidal and Burns have an opportunity here to show why it's irrefutable that they're next. The only thing I dislike about this fight is that it's only scheduled for three rounds.

On paper, this may seem like a “striker vs grappler” bout. Though both fighters have their advantages, Burns can crack and Masvidal can grapple. This should be a fun, fan-friendly fight that'll be fueled by an energetic Miami crowd.

Round one: No rushing attack for Jorge to start this fight off! Both fighters are rather reserved in the early goings of this bout. Some low kicks are landing for Jorge, but nothing terribly dangerous. Burns lands a huge straight right and Jorge acknowledges it. The kicks fro Masvidal are starting to do some damage and the hands are following suit. Jorge fends off the early grappling offerings but is taken down at the end of the round. Very, very close round.

10-9 Burns

Round two: Jorge is sat down early. He returns to his feet only to get scooped up and slammed to his back. Masvidal keeps Gilbert in his guard where he is relatively safe. Obviously not in an advantageous position, but better than it could be. Masvidal begins wall walking, rolls and almost gets up, but now Burns is on his back. And they separate! The two trade right hands and that's the round.

10-9 Burns

Round three: Burns starts out a bit slow in this round and Jorge gets to work. However, Gilbert's right hand can't seem to miss. He staggers Masvidal and rather than going for takedowns, it seems that the Brazilian wants to knock ‘Gamebred' out. Masvidal has flashes of success, but Burns is on fire with the boxing. As the final round is closing out, Masvidal is taken down and the fight ends with him on bottom.

10-9 Burns

Official result: Gilbert Burns via unanimous decision. Jorge Masvidal retires.

Adrian Yanez vs Rob Font

This is a can't-miss fight! I called in sick to my girlfriend's birthday party tonight because there's no way I'm missing this fight. Rob Font maybe has the best jab in the UFC, but Adrian Yanez is in the conversation when discussing who the best boxer in the UFC is.

Additionally, this is one of those ‘new generation vs experienced veteran' type fights; Yanez is fresh into the bantamweight top fifteen, and Font has been fighting the best of the best in the division. There is so much to this fight, and there's almost no way it'll be anything short of exciting.

Round one: This fight was amazing for as long as it lasted. Yanez's boxing was looking super sharp, but as expected, Font's jab was giving him issued. Font is starting to land more and more and Adrian is the most rocked we've ever seen him. While Adrian is trying to get some space, Font lands an uppercut that floors Adrian. Follow up shots land and Font snaps his losing streak.

Official result: Rob Font via first round TKO

Kevin Holland vs Santiago Ponzinibbio

Thank you, MMA gods(match makers). Kevin Holland is one of the most exciting fighters and personalities in the sport. He can talk the talk and walk the walk. Holland has picked up some huge wins in his career, but he's currently trying to bounce back from a loss. When he's not in public stopping various crimes, he's in the gym or in the octagon. For this camp, Holland had a tough task to prepare for.

Santiago Ponzinibbio was on the fast track to earning a welterweight title fight, but injury set him back. After returning in 2021 for the first time since 2018, Santiago's winning streak was snapped. Since then, he's not been able to put together another winning streak. However, if he can grab the dub against Holland today, he'll make it two in a row and remind the division that he wants gold!

Round one: Kevin Holland's range is giving Santiago a lot of issues. Regardless, Ponzinibbio is throwing shots with bad intent. Overhands are just missing by an inch and the leg kicks are landing on Holland. However, Kevin controlled the round. In the last ten seconds, Holland throws a backfist that drops Santiago and hurts him. Ponzinibbio is saved by the bell.

Round two: Once again, Holland is giving Santiago troubles with his length and crafty striking. Kevin was able to rock his opponent a few times with the hands. Ponzinibbio wanted to take the fight to the ground, but Holland's takedown defense has held up perfectly thus far.

10-9 Holland

Round three: Santiago's leg kicks seem to finally be giving Holland some issues. This is the best things have looked for Ponzinibbio. The kicks keep coming and Holland's movement is a bit compromised. Santiago is fighting like he's down two rounds. Just as things are looking good for him, Holland catches him with a lead hook and puts his opponent down. What a knockout!

Official result: Kevin Holland via third round knockout

UFC 287 opening fight: Raul Rosas Jr. vs Christian Rodriguez

This is a very fun way to start of the main card. Raul Rosas Jr., just 18-years-old, will make his sophomore performance against one Christian Rodriguez. Rodriguez, just 25-years-old himself, has finished seven of his eight wins. This will be his second fight removed from his first loss; as he looks to build another winning streak, he'll try to do so while concomitantly stealing the momentum of Rosas Jr..

Raul is obviously young, and he is a bit brash. However, he fights like he's got 20+ years of experience. His skill set is great, but his fight IQ is what sets him apart from the rest of the young fighters that aren't quite UFC-caliber yet. Rosas Jr. has also finished all but one of his wins; most recently, he steamrolled Jay Perrin to win his UFC debut. A battle of the young guns, let's get this PPV going!

Round one: An immediate shot from Raul, but it's defended pretty well. Rosas Jr. has gotten very close to a few takedowns in the first minute, but Rodriguez came to fight. However, the persistence of Raul proves true. Raul Rosas Jr. takes the back and he's ruthless from here. Neck crank attempt after neck crank attempt. Raul ends the round with back control.

10-8 Rosas Jr. 

Round two: Raul shoots right away but ends up on bottom. Christian seems to be gaining a bit of momentum as he lands a beautiful knee. Raul may be fading, but he gets to Christian's back regardless. More scrambling and Rosas Jr. ends up on bottom. He's still attacking, but everything seems a bit more labored at this point. Rodriguez takes Raul's back and locks in a body triangle, giving the 18-year-old a taste of his own medicine.

10-9 Rodriguez

Round three: Sprawl city. Rodriguez is sprawling and brawling; Raul is not looking too hot right now. The kid is gassed and big-brothered in this round. Rodriguez gets the back, locks in a body triangle, and is showing that he's no stepping stone with each punch. With about twenty seconds left, Christian lets Raul up and wants to bang it out.

10-8 Rodriguez

Official result: Christian Rodriguez via unanimous decision

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