Tszyu vs Mendoza Full Card Predictions, Prelims Betting Picks



Tszyu vs Mendoza Full Card Predictions, Prelims Betting Picks

Looking for Tszyu vs Mendoza Full Card Predictions? Look no further, we've got you covered here…

I’ll feel like a world champion once this fight with Mendoza is done,” said Tim Tszyu with full confidence.

The boxer faced Carlos Ocampo in June this year but he can’t wait to get back.

However, Tszyu versus Mendoza isn’t the only upcoming high-octane clash. The event will witness a lot more fists being thrown inside the ring.

It will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia.

Tszyu vs Mendoza Full Card Predictions: Our Top Picks

Tszyu vs Mendoza Predictions 

Tszyu will defend his WBO Super Welterweight title for the first time. But it’s not just his title at risk, but also his spotless record of 23-0-0. 

On the other hand, Brian Mendoza's 22-2-0 record isn’t far behind. He currently boasts a three-fight winning streak. His last victory against Sebastian Fundora was worth watching. After rocking his opponent with a clean left hook, a powerful right hook earned him the victory. 

However, Tszyu might be one of his biggest fights. The Australian has 17 KO wins, whereas Mendoza has 16. 

It was only in March 2022, that ‘The Soul Taker’ made his US debut and he did not disappoint. With an impressive first-round knockdown, he eventually won against Olympian Terrell Gausha via a unanimous decision. 

Now, with two knockout artists going against each other on October 14 (USA), it seems to be a question of who will land a KO first.

Tszyu will enter the fight as the clear favorite with odds at -600, while Mendoza stands at +400.

Tszyu vs Mendoza full card predictions

Prediction: Tszyu wins via KO.

Sam Goodman versus Miguel Flores Predictions

Goodman will square off against former world title challenger Miguel Flores in a 12-round featherweight bout. But the latter’s extensive boxing experience might add an edge to the match. Flores (25-4-1) may not have a flawless record like Goodman (15-0-0), but he has the knowledge to back him up. That being said, many consider it an odd matchup.

After all, Flores has gone 1-2-1 (win-loss-win) in his last four matches. But Goodman has a long winning streak going on. So why did he decide to fight Flores? Is it to keep his contender status safe while the Naoya Inoue-Marlon Tapales situation goes on?

Bookmakers consider Goodman a massive favorite against Flores.

Prediction: Sam Goodman wins via unanimous decision.

Tszyu vs Mendoza Predictions: Full Card, Betting Picks

Nathaniel May vs Jackson England Predictions

May (22-3-0) and England (14-2-0) have gone 2-2-1 and 3-1-1 in their last five boxing matches, respectively. England has previously won the Australian Featherweight title and the WBC-ABC Silver Super Featherweight title in less than 3 years as a pro. 

As they clash for the vacant IBF Australian Super Featherweight title, both pugilists would want to put their best foot forward… or punch! May won’t back down easily in any of the 10 rounds. With the words C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N tattooed on his fingers, his intentions are clear.

He is coming off a round 2 KO win against 39-year-old Rivo Rengkung (2022). But he hasn’t been a very active boxer in the past couple of years. As compared to him, England has stepped in the ring once every year since 2019.

Both boxers seem evenly matched. But Jackson Jon England's comparatively more active status might give him the edge.

Bookmakers consider Jackson Jon England to be a favorite in this bout.

Prediction: Jackson Jon England wins via a unanimous decision.

Shanell Dargan vs Amber Amelia Prediction

Dargan and Amelia will collide in a six-round bout for the vacant Australian Super Bantamweight title. Shanell Dargan, 30, took up boxing professionally much later in life. It started as a physical and emotional outlet for her.

With a 2-1-2 record, she will take on Amber Amelia, 26, 2-1-0.

With just a few professional matches on their names, the outcome of this clash could go either way. 

Prediction: Amber Amelia wins via split decision.

Toese Vou Siutu vs Julius Long Prediction

Have heavyweight bouts ever disappointed? Siutu will face Long for four rounds in an exhilarating heavyweight boxing match. Is a 5-1-0 record good enough to clash with a veteran like Long? Only time will tell.

However, ‘Towering Inferno’ has been on a losing streak. With an 18-26-1 record, it might be difficult to imagine him bagging a victory. Further, age seems like an important variable to consider. Long, 46, will go against a much younger Siutu, 32. 

Siutu has great knockout power. In fact, all his victories so far have been through KO/TKO.

Prediction: Toese Vou Siutu wins via KO/TKO.

Hassan Hamdan vs Danvers Cuschieri Prediction

Hamdan will go against Cuschieri in an eight-round fight. With a 6-0-0 record, will Hamdan be too much for Cuscheri, 3-1-0, to handle? Hassan Hamdan might take this win in his usual style for this super lightweight bout.

Prediction: Hassan Hamdan wins via unanimous decision.

Sergey/Sergei Vorobev vs Wade Ryan Prediction

Vorobev, 29, and Ryan, 33, will exchange punches for the vacant IBF Pan Pacafic Super Welterweight title. The match will be for 10 rounds.

Vorobev, with a 19-1-0 record will aim to finish Wade Ryan, 21-11-0. The younger fighter has 13 KO wins to his name while his opponent has 8. 

Prediction: Sergey Vorobev wins via KO/TKO.

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