Tszyu vs Fundora Purse: Record Breaking Pay for Tszyu



Tszyu vs Fundora Purse: Record Breaking Pay for Tszyu

While this wasn't the initial matchup we expected to see, the Tszyu vs Fundora purse is still an extremely impressive boxing payout — especially for the reigning WBO and WBC world super welterweight champion.

In fact, the boxing world was shocked when it was reported that Tim Tszyu would be making more in prize money for fighting Fundora this weekend than any Australian athlete has ever earned in a single day.

Although they weren't shocked because Tszyu hasn't earned it — just because it's much more than he has ever made for a fight in his career thus far. 

We'll be looking at all of the Tszyu vs Fundora payouts, discussing the eye-popping figures both main event fighters are set to make. 

What Will Tszyu vs Fundora Be Paid This Weekend?

Tim Tszyu Purse

At just 29 years of age, Tim “The Soul Taker” Tszyu has quickly become one of boxing's most intriguing fighters.

What's perhaps most fascinating about Tsyzu is his mindset; proven by him taking this short notice fight against a very dangerous Fundora. 

Then again, considering the Tszyu vs Fundora prize money that the WBO and WBC world super welterweight champion will be earning, it's no surprise that he wants to enter the ring this weekend. 

According to the Australian Associated Press (AAP), Tim Tszyu is guaranteed a $10 million purse to fight against Sebastian Fundora this weekend. 

This massive prize money dwarfs anything Tszyu has earned to this point. What's more, the AAP reported that no Australian athlete can ever boast of earning $10 million in one day. Therefore, Tszyu's insane boxing fighter pay is historic for his home country. 

But is it worth the risk of fighting against Fundora?

Probably. Especially because, if Tszyu wins, he will almost certainly be fighting against Terence Crawford next — and will earn at least another $10 million for that champion vs champion bout.  

It's a good time to be The Soul Taker.

Sebastian Fundora Purse

Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora is taking a big risk to fight Tszyu in short notice — but his Tszyu vs Fundora prize money proves that he's being paid handsomely for doing so.

While no major news outlets are reporting the boxing payouts Fundora will make, we do know that he made a guaranteed purse of $500,000 for his victory over Carlos Ocampo back in 2022. 

Despite losing in shocking fashion in his last bout, Fundora deciding to take this short notice fight is surely because the money is much better than anything he has earned before. 

For that reason, we believe Sebastian Fundora is earning at least $3 million to fight Tszyu in Tszyu vs Fundora payouts this weekend. 

Given the gigantic stakes of this fight for both boxers — in terms of championship implications, future fights, and the amount of money they're set to earn — there's no question that both warriors are taking on a massive amount of risk in facing each other. 

Then again, both Tszyu and Fundora are proving that any risk is worth taking when the money that comes with it is right. 

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.