The Dos and Don’ts of Becoming a College Boxer



The Dos and Don’ts of Becoming a College Boxer

When in college, participating in athletics adds enormous value to the life of a student, a value that goes beyond the challenges of defeat, injury, and burnout. Being a student boxer places you at a higher pedestal than other students. It is because; you are on the limelight; you have more to lose if you mess up and are a representative of your school. So, to continue with this pursuit, you need to know that certain moves will land you a boxing career, while others will derail it. Here are what to do and not to do to become a boxer in college.

The Essential Dos of Becoming  a College Boxer

  • Do check all NCBA requirements

The first step on how to become a boxer in college is going through the National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) website. The NCBA is an organization charged with the mandate of providing safe and constructive experience to college students seeking to pursue boxing. It also outlines the schools that participate in competitive boxing, while also laying out the regulations and requirements that potential boxers need to fulfill. So, to find out where to begin in your quest to become a boxer, here is where you start. 

  • Do try all services for recruitment

For you to end up getting scouted for boxing in college, you need to put yourself out there. College boxing coaches are not going to know how capable you are if they do not know you exist. According to Athlete Network, the best way to proceed is by seeking the help of recruitment services who have an excellent record of helping high students become boxers. Identify those that college coaches respect and have worked with before. Register with the best ones and have them define the level you are as a player so they can propel you to the top. 

  • Do get the highest scores possible

College boxing teams have thousands of athletes that show interest. With limited opportunities in college, you need to have more than skills in boxing. No college wants a college student boxer who cannot keep up with their studies. They need both smart and talented individuals. Ensure you get the highest marks in all your tests and assignments. If you find it challenging to work on your tasks, seek the help of cheap coursework writing services. They will produce high-quality papers on time, ensuring you get top grades.

  • Reach out to the coach

In a sport that attracts so many potential athletes, it is easy to go unnoticed by coaches. But, this should not happen to you. If you want to become a college boxer so bad, have a hands-on approach. Instead of waiting to be discovered, reach out to boxing coaches in colleges you are interested in joining. Send them your training videos, transcripts, and any other materials they may require. Taking such an initiative shows your determination and drive, which can be rewarding.

The Essential Don’ts of Becoming a College Boxer 

  • Do not spoil your image on social media


The image of yourself online is very crucial if you want to become a boxer. So, ensure you guard it and keep it clean. Have a handle on each of the different social media platforms you have by understanding that anyone can see what you post. Also, know that whatever you post stays on the internet forever. So, if you do not want your boxing scholarships going away, avoid complaining about other players and your game. Also, do not say negative things about other teams, coaches, or anything a boxing coach would deem inappropriate.

  • Do not rely on your couches only

Another thing you should not do to get college boxing offers is putting all your hopes on your high school coach. Indeed, your coach in high school has been instrumental in getting you where you are. They train you, sharpen your skills and give you all the support you need. Nevertheless, according to The Best Schools.Org, that is the much they can do. Despite knowing you in-depth, college coaches prefer hearing from you, so that you can prove yourself as a worthy athlete. So, take it upon yourself to prove that you deserve a boxing scholarship.

  • Find online services to help save time in studying

High school can be tough, in particular, when you are trying to balance school work and boxing. It is understandable if you believe online writing services can save you some time because they can 2. However, to be an all-rounded student, you have to learn how to multi-task. Multi-tasking enables you to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, ideal in boxing. Also, you can get caught either through plagiarized work or your professor discover the style of writing does not match yours. As a result, you face suspension, which would ruin your chance of getting a boxing scholarship.

Some Extra Dos

  • Have at hand recruiting information at all times

Sometimes the best colleges for boxing may find out about you and want to know you more. In such a case, they will require your educational papers, boxing statistics, and evaluations at once so they can make their decision. It would be unfortunate if you were left out because you could not trace all this information. Make sure you have your transcripts and boxing data ready to go, so it becomes easier for recruiters to know about you without much struggle.  

  • Use proper English

Professionalism is paramount when communicating with college staff about a boxing scholarship. Whether through text call or email, EduJungles advises you to be clear and precise on what you are saying without being rude. Do not be quick to take over the conversation and instead let them do most of the talking. When you use texts or email, avoid emojis as you do not want to lose the reader as they do not understand what you are saying. Also, proofread your messages to correct silly mistakes such as how to spell the word boxer as this makes you look careless. 

  • Do fill those recruiting questionnaires

If you want to make change your life by getting a college boxing scholarship, fill out as many recruiting questionnaires as possible. Any time you come across these forms, fill them out. Sometimes you may find some belonging to different divisions from that you are in, such as Division II or III. Do not let the opportunity slide. Filling them portrays your interest in joining these colleges and becoming a boxer, which may bring about the positive response you want.


The process of achieving your life-long dream of becoming a college boxer can be enjoyable or upsetting, depending on your actions. To find the college you want, you need to have talent, be dedicated, and a stellar student. But even with all these, there are things you should do or not do to help your situation. So, devise a plan to make you stand out, by following the above advice, and you will land the college boxing scholarship you have ever wanted.