TBE: “Money” Blue “Pretty Boy Floyd” 



TBE: “Money” Blue “Pretty Boy Floyd” 


This past Cinco de Mayo weekend marked the 3rd anniversary of the infamous Superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. It was the Muhammad Ali Vs Joe Frazier of my generation and a total waste of time and “Money.”

I'm not Usher, but this is my confession.

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To cage a slave, you make him believe he has money to burn. You make him believe that he is one of them, while forgetting that he is one of us.

Most of your favorite rappers are straight out of central casting. You know that. To a much lesser extent, so too are your favorite fighters, which is the reason why my current one is known as “The Truth.” Oh don't get me wrong they're real– and go through very real pain and the rigors of their own Serengeti (see Keith Thurman). This isn't to say that much of what they do is scripted, in as much as it means that some of it is. 

“It is what it is,” would say the movie director, but it's not something “Pretty Boy Floyd” would've done, or the world's best fighter, Vasyl Lomachenko (Saturday @MSG vs Jorge Linares) would do now or later. 

Jealousy is not a deadly sin, for it means you will care enough to be competitive fair n square. Pretty Boy Floyd would've been jealous enough of the 2009 version of “Pac-Man” to not make-up things about PEDs (Pacquiao successfully sued Mayweather for that) and given us an absolute classic in 2010. But envy means something entirely different. Now, it means you're likely to avoid and cheat. Only “Money” and “TBE” know “The Truth” about that. 

At face value, I'm fairly confident that Pretty Boy Floyd Vs Pac-Man would've been the very greatest fight of all-time, one that Pacquiao would've won via come-from-behind late round stoppage. We'll never know, which is exactly what Money wanted, after buying the notion of being TBE.

I recall people made a big deal out of Warren Buffett “hanging around” Floyd as if that was real. That is nonsense, for Floyd's career has always been in the hands of his investors. So ask yourself a question, why would an old white man with absolutely nothing in common waste time with Floyd? Time IS “Money” which means Buffett was supervising his possession (at least, from this point of view).

All of which means the idea of a racially charged MMA “Money” heist against Conor McGregor will not be Floyd's idea at all. Nothing can make me believe he wants to do this. This decision is proof that he has “bosses,” for no specialist of his ilk would force writers like myself to spill ink about a special beating he'll take from a Caveman. 

Make no mistake about it, that is exactly what Conor McGregor is compared to Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring. But with TBE's tightened reflexes facing a titan in his own arena, it's unlikely that Mayweather wouldn't end up like “Iron-Man” at the end of “Avengers: Infinity War.” And that'll hurt me, all because perhaps the greatest pure boxer of all-time, “Pretty Boy Floyd,” made the fateful decision to become “Money” while merely imitating “TBE” (Sugar Ray Robinson).

No one with an impossible amount of Money in their pocket or collective psyche would bend for any loose change on the ground. Yet, that is exactly what Conor McGregor will turn him into in an Octagon. And that will be by the design of his “bosses.”

What if he was brave and told them “No” for his people both black and white? What if Money really didn't grow on trees and became leaves of the fall? What if he just became one with his “Roots” from the past and was content to be a classic in the present? Would you miss “Him” or just what “It” could buy? Love is never on sale, but imagine if your mirror was PPV… How would you then see yourself?



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