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Statement from Hall of Famer Michael Carbajal on Santa Cruz vs. Carbajal



Statement from Hall of Famer Michael Carbajal on Santa Cruz vs. Carbajal
“Manitas De Piedra”

MICHAEL CARBAJAL releases this statement to clear any misconception that suggest or imply his support or endorsement of Keenan Carbajal.  Any assumptions  that he is rooting for Keenan Carbajal are completely unfounded. To the contrary, MICHAEL CARBAJAL will be rooting for Leo Santa Cruz to win and expects an early knockout victory. The animosity between MICHAEL CARBAJAL and the Keenan Danny Josephine Carbajal faction absolutely cannot be understated. There is no merit to any claim that MICHAEL has any involvement, association, or affiliation with Keenan, his fight career, or any part of his life. Further, MICHAEL is not involved with Keenan’s trainer, Danny Carbajal (MICHAEL’S estranged brother), or Keenan’s mother, Josephine Carbajal (MICHAEL’S estranged niece), in any way, shape, or form. MICHAEL CARBAJAL has never had and will never have any association with Keenan or any member of his team known as “FAMILIA CARBAJAL”, which has misrepresented and violated the actual CARBAJAL FAMILY.

Michael Carbajal


For more on the Carbajal family saga, see the article The Fighting Carbajals from The Ring magazine.

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