Predicting The Outcome Of McGregor vs. Poirier 3 in UFC 264



Predicting The Outcome Of McGregor vs. Poirier 3 in UFC 264

Alright UFC fight fans, the time has come to finally settle who will be the final victor of the ongoing Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor fight saga.

2 experts have been all over this fight since it was first announced as the main event for the upcoming UFC 264 event in Las Vegas.

With one win under each of the fighter’s belts it’s time to finally settle the score once and for all and decide who is the best fighter out of the two, the “Notorious” Conor McGregor or the “Diamond” Dustin Poirier.

Fight Background

The first ever encounter between these fighters saw Conor McGregor take the first fight all the way back at UFC 178 with a commanding TKO win in under two minutes to start cementing his status as a top fighting presence in UFC.

This would ultimately lead him to be the first ever UFC fighter in history to hold two different weight division titles simultaneously, the featherweight and lightweight titles respectively.

After losing both his titles and being beaten by the lightweight legend Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, McGregor took a long hiatus in which he kept UFC fans and experts wondering if they had seen the last of him.

After defeating Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in his comeback, his momentum was put on hold after taking a beating and his first ever KO loss at the hands of Dustin Poirier in UFC 257.

Poirier who was seen by everyone as a definite underdog and a stepping stone in McGregor’s way back to the top brought the house down with a commanding performance and win, catapulting him over all the odds and positioning this rivalry as one of the best to watch in 2021.

Now the time for settling the “who is the better fighter, Poirier or McGregor” debate is upon us and we are here for it.

Can Dustin Poirier Do It Again?

Whoever is still not ready to recognize the fact that Dustin Poirier will come into this fight with all the right tools and mindset to score yet another win against Conor McGregor might need to rethink their ideas regarding UFC fighting.

Just like McGregor, Poirier loves to fight on his feet and land hard shots all over the place. But it was actually his low calf kicks that took him to the promised land in his last fight against Conor.

Poirier is well aware of how damaging working on a game set full of low kicks can damage a fighter like McGregor and while you could expect the Irish fighter to come into this fight ready to counter with his own set of kicks, Poirier is ready for anything McGregor can bring to the table.

On top of that Dustin Poirier is not one to shy away from taking the fight to the ground. While he has proven over and over again that just with his powerful moves on his feet he doesn’t really need to take the fight to the ground he still holds a very respectable average of 1,5 takedowns and 1,3 submissions per every 15 minutes.

Watch for Poirier to come into this fight with an offense centered around weakening Conor’s legs over and over again until he can go for the kill.

This Is Conor’s Chance For Redemption Or Oblivion

Everyone thought that just like with the “Cowboy” Cerrone fight, Conor McGregor would score an easy win against Dustin Poirier, but that wasn’t so at all. Now with a chance for redemption in front of him McGregor knows that this is time and there is no turning back.

Ever since suffering his first ever KO loss in the hands of Poirier, McGregor has gotten to work training as hard as ever to find a way to counter Poirier’s offense. While Conor can easily be considered one of the most lethal strikers ever in UFC, his leg kick defense was sad and absent which ultimately led to his demise.

Some of the best fighters in the game like Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez have been victims to Conor’s supreme striking powers but none of them ever came at him with an offense as centered into weakening McGregor’s stance as Poirier did.

Easily put, if Conor McGregor wants to score a much needed win here, he will need to step into the octagon with a much better game plan, including getting ready for what could be a slew of kicks to weaken him and put him in the best position to be hit at will.

Final Prediction

Conor McGregor has already promised his fans that he will go not just for the win but for the knockout against Poirier in their upcoming fight, cementing him as the definite winner of this trilogy of fights.

On the other hand, Poirier has quietly been preparing himself to show fans and experts that his win was not a thing of luck. Given the fact that Poirier found the key to defeat McGregor with ease last time, it should be no surprise if Poirier continues to have an upper hand in this fight. If Poirier can continue his game plan like in their last fight, then this should be another win for the “Diamond.”