Pacquiao V Khan: A Mere Con



Pacquiao V Khan: A Mere Con

Like an apex sultan arisen out of the UAE to restore order in the fight galaxy, Amir Khan took to Twitter with glee to announce his April 23 “Superfight” with Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao.


Who is Amir conning?

The story lines with this one is obvious considering the TMZ worthy history between them. When Pacquiao was the scariest version of Pac-Man (between 2008 thru 2011), Khan emerged as an all-world dynamo under Freddie Roach as well; repairing the damaged psyche that came from being violently KTFO by Bredis Prescott.

He was also bolstered emotionally by Alex Ariza, who used Khan as a measurable of himself against Pacquiao – and Roach – during several legendary sparring sessions. This, during a time when Pacquiao reigned supreme as the world's best fighter (sorry Floyd, you ducked out).

Depending on who you listened to from among those who witnessed their very real gym wars– the overall consensus was Khan got the best of Manny. But masters always hold back from an apprentice to some degree, if for no other reason, than applied wisdom as a prelude to possible war.

There was one such session I observed on tape, where Manny absolutely “froze” Con, err, “Khan” with a massive straight left before backing off. Amir Khan is like a solid QB who'll give you a “Pick 6” to end the Superbowl. You just have to wait for it like Canelo did emphatically at T-Mobile in May 2016.

Freddie Roach remains the wizard with the vindictive ????. When Danny “Swift” Garcia entered Khan's strike zone in July 2012 and struck him out, Khan pulled out a can of Raid and sprayed Roach. He then hired Virgil Hunter: the architect of Andre Ward. It seemed a good move, as Pacquaio's reign of terror ended that December after a perfectly timed atomic bomb from Juan Manuel Marquez.

But it took an all-time great arch-nemisis and a Hall of Fame trainer in Nacho Beristain 42 rounds to find that punch. Marquez will NEVER face Pacquiao again, knowing he was on his way to a savage KO defeat himself. Hubris is what defeated Pacquiao more than Marquez; that same quality– coinciding with the fact that Khan has never been an “A” fighter, will get him beaten up and humiliated against Pacquiao.

Manny is not a better fighter than the one who lost to Marquez– but he's also wiser and more deceptive. The WBO welterweight champion showed a resourceful resilience in dismissing Jesse Vargas; the same Vargas who would KO Khan on April 23. I think Timothy Bradley would get a UD over Khan too.

In reality, 2is action cinema for fans in a desert oasis, as Senator Pacquaio played Jeff Horn in the land Down Under like the master politician he's become. He'll veto Khan with ease while creating millions of new bills because of him.

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