Floyd vs Conor, Manny and GGG



Floyd vs Conor, Manny and GGG

Shit is real between Floyd Mayweather and Conor MacGregor. And Manny Pacquiao (still). And Gennady Golovkin (fa real).

Appearing on ESPN's “First Take” on Wednesday to promote Badou Jack (20-1-2, 12KO) vs James DeGale (23-1, 14KO) Saturday, 9:30 ET on Showtime from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, it didn't take long for “Money” to resurface and dominate the promotion.

Pushed into the bank of a cunning Max Kellermen and master producer of invective Stephen A. Smith, the villainous Ali of Generation X wasted no time firing shots.

Floyd dropped enough evidence to strongly indicate he'll return to action in 2017 against either Conor MacGregor, Manny Pacquiao or Gennady Golovkin. Below are the notes I jotted down while watching and listening to Floyd, then assessing the reason(s) he'd confront them.

1.) Not entirely comfortable in retirement despite being on the verge of being a great promoter.

2.) Reeeeeeally wants to beat the shit out of Conor and humiliate him.

3.) Feels he won, but that he did not beat Pacquiao fairly.

4.) Is jealous of the “GGG” bandwagon and would love to shove it off a fucking cliff.


I had already written those notes down well before catching McGregor's  tweet in response to Mayweather's complete reduction of him on national TV. The ‘Notorious' response has to be the hottest Twitter diss in tweet history.

It doesn't get any worse than a man you can't stand– standing over your knocked out image, while pretending to be the man who was hittin the woman you knocked up and then got locked up for.

Floyd probably wants to fight McGregor in Ireland for a scratch off lottery ticket right now.


When Stephen A. sarcastically mentioned Pacquiao's shoulder as the primary excuse for defeat in their pink, May 2015 violent recital– Mayweather cut Smith off to go on the defensive.

Because it would darken a show meant to be light, both Smith and Kellermen stayed away from anything that could incite problems. Things like Thomas Hauser's scathing report on Floyd's massive use of IV's just prior to the fight, or the use of Xylocaine for his hands, a banned steroid virtually everywhere but Las Vegas.

A 400 million dollar fight where he gets away with all of that and Pacquiao can't get a Torodal shot? Or simply, another shot at Floyd?

The man who insisted on a ‘level playing field' knows deep down he didn't provide Pacquiao with one. The crazy part is a rematch is probably Ali/Frazier III.


What Floyd will remember most about his few minutes on ESPN are the few seconds where Stephen A. basically tells Mayweather he cannot beat Golovkin.

Floyd may have laughed it off by saying “You mean the one who had trouble with Kell Brook, a welterweight?” but he knows Triple G would be favored to destroy him.

Floyd famously referred to GGG as ‘straight up n down with no special effects', but knows Golovkin would be the most dreadfully difficult fight of his career.

He's unbeaten, far more relentless and powerful than Marcos Maidana, and a superstar of the new international era. Let's ask this question: Would Bernard Hopkins, at age 40 and “The Best Ever” accept any kind of challenge from Golovkin?

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On another note, Floyd has never been known for his community work – but that needs to change. What he's attempting to do with inner city gun violence via Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown through Mayweather Promotions, is admirable and worthy of praise from the White House.

Though “Money” still can't buy love in 2017, he may be able to lease respect.

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