Mayweather and McGregor Face Off At LA Presser



Mayweather and McGregor Face Off At LA Presser

They stared down during the Tuesday press conference, and the MMA guy shucked and jived and whispered unsweet nothings at his foe.

The boxing guy looked straight ahead, eyes dark and fixed as he stared at his target, likely thinking this UFC guy had no idea what he was in for on Aug. 26.

Yes, it became that much clearer, this thing is actually going to happen.

Unparalleled, an event fitting the age we are in, where the sizzle is as anticipated and adored as the steak.

It is a “happening,” and truly a novelty act, one which will fill the coffers of the few powers that be who will share in the revenue stream.

Floyd Mayweather is the boxing guy topping what was termed an “unprecedented event” during an LA press conference Tuesday to hype the tango, which will unfold at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor is the MMA guy, 0-0 as a pro boxer, and has told folks that he’d be dropping and stopping Mayweather. The improbability of that occuring is fierce, but many MMA fans are not listening to that fact. They like their guys’ chances, they point to his hand speed and power and unpredictability. They will need to see their folly with their own eyes.

Boxing fans almost to a man see no way for McGregor to compete, let alone beat the ringmaster Mayweather, who learned more boxing by age 8 than McGregor has picked up along the way, makes A grade rivals look C level. What will he make of a C level hitter?

McGregor, introed by UFC honcho Dana White, dropped eff bombs from the starting line and said his mind was blown. “And somebody’s 0 has got to go…he’s in a fucking track suit..he can’t even afford a suit anymore,” he said. “He’s fooked,” the Irishman said he KO Floyd within four rounds, “mark my words.”

The MMAer, clad in a sharp suit, said that he’s young and confident man who has worked extrememly hard for this. “I can do what the fuck I want up here,” he boasted. “He will be unconscious within four rounds,” he repeated. It wouldn’t take a whole round to beat Floyd in a “real fight,” he said, alluding to the fact that boxing rules are in effect Aug. 26. “All I need is a gum shield,” he said.

McGregor looked and acted giddy. He shouted out his son. “I’m a daddy now,” he said. His boy will propel him to get max motivation. Floyd, in a TMT track suit, was behind him, looking glum.

McGregor spoke on some requests Floyd has made, about certain gloves and such. The MMAer touched on Muhammad Ali’s entry into MMA, against Antonio Inoki and James Toney’s entry into MMA, against Randy Couture. All in all, he had a decent outing trash talking, but seemed a bit awed by the enormity.

Leonard Ellerbe introed Floyd Mayweather. Floyd looked surly, playing the bad guy, and swung his arms, lossened up. “Hard work,” he called, and heard the “dedication” response. “I still got it.”

“All work is what?” he questioned. “Easy work,” his rooters replied.

It will be that, most probably said to themself.

Floyd said he didn’tcare if it is a ring or an Octagon, he will kick ass. McGregor interjected and said he doesn’t want that MMA work. Floyd started the eff bombs. “Aug. 26 I’ma knock this bitch out too,” Floyd said. “You haven’t knocked anyone out in about twenty years,” Conor howled.

Floyd took out a back pack. “Lemme show you motherfuckers what a hundred million dollar looks like,” Floyd said, holding up a check. “That’s right, I’m the IRS and I’m gonna tax your ass,” Floyd said.

Floyd called CM a bitch, and declared that he is the A side, zero doubts. “Motherfucker, I’m a nine figure fighter,” said Floyd. “This bitch made three million dollar his last fight,” he said, by way of insult. He stalked the stage as he pondered and then barked into the mic.

He then settled down and thanked the laundry list. “The two biggest names in combat sports did this,” he said.

Floyd said he’d do four ounce gloves if CM wants. “Don’t fool the public!”

He then went backto his “hard work” call…

He said he wasn’t the same fighter he was two years ago, “but I got enough to beat you,” he cracked. Floyd said he will go out on his face, or back. “Which way you wanna go?”

“You can get it right now,” Floyd said as McGregor jawed. Yeah, no, Floyd said, people gotta pay to watch that.

The Facebook stream I watched on said 177,000 views had registered when Floyd
left the mic.

They did a staredown, and both jawed. Jimmy Lennon reminded that you can watch it on PPV. Yes, this is an exercise in revenue generation, lest anyone not be crystal clear on that. It is that, not a boxing match, so keep that in mind as you ask yourself what you want out of the experience.

They go to Toronto, then Brooklyn, and on Friday, London, Lennon told us, as White got in between Floyd and Conor, the rival/business partners. McGregor yakked, as White tried to hold him back, and it was clear the spirit of the WWE was front and center in the arena.

Stephen Espinoza, the Showtime boxing boss took to the mic first. “They said this could never be made, they said this fight could never happen,” he said. The executive said that Floyd left his old promoter Bob Arum, to be his own boss, and voila…PPV records have been broken. “Floyd had a plan, and here we are 49-0,” Espinoza said. He’s generated 20 million PPV buys, 1.3 billion in PPV revenue, the Sho helmer said. He said he isn’t surprised that at 40 Floyd is taking on a “bigger” and “stronger” guy opponent on Aug. 26.

Bigger, OK, stronger, mebbe, better, not with 20 years of catch up work. McGregor can't hope to compete with Floyd, a modern master and one who could compete in any age. This first presser featured more profanity than probably some PR folks would like, but all the better to try and manufacture a true edge in their minds. That isn't easy, as easy, when the two principals are together helping cook a souffle which will bring them both a massive pile of loot. Here's hoping that the McGregor rooters are smiling on Aug. 26, and their guy over-delivers that night.

NOTE: At one boy CM was yapping at Floyd and called him “boy.”  He maybe realized that term is seen as racist and improper and switched to “son.”

NOTE 2: McGregor won the attire war. The stripes on his suit read “Fuck You.” For real…





Saturday, August 26 Live on SHOWTIME PPV®
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LAS VEGAS (July 11, 2017) – A worldwide audience will witness a one-of-a-kind sporting event when legendary boxer and pound-for-pound king Floyd “Money” Mayweather returns to the ring to battle all-time MMA great and UFC champion “The Notorious” Conor McGregor in a 12-round boxing match. The fight announcement on June 14 captured the world's attention as fans across the globe anticipate the outcome of this once-in-a-lifetime showdown taking place Saturday

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