Jared Anderson vs Andriy Rudenko: Preview and Platform



Jared Anderson vs Andriy Rudenko: Preview and Platform

Jared Anderson vs Andriy Rudenko is almost here.

On Saturday, August 26, 2023, American heavyweight boxer Jared Anderson (15-0-0, 14 KO) will headline a 10-round ESPN fight card in Tulsa, Oklahoma against Ukrainian heavyweight, Andriy Rudenko (35-6-0, 21 KO).

The fight will take place at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma at 10:30 ET / 7:30 PT

The Jared Anderson vs Andriy Rudenko main event can be seen live on ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN + in the US. The event will also be live on Sky Sports in the UK.

Anderson Vs Rudenko on ESPN


Jared Anderson Goes For Win No 16

Jared Anderson is staying active, which is a good sign for the up-and-coming 23-year-old American heavyweight from Toledo, Ohio.

He is carrying the weight of being viewed as potentially being “America’s next great heavyweight boxer,” which brings an extreme amount of pressure that only a few men in his position have been able to successfully withstand.

Anderson is a young man and still has under 20 pro fights.

“The Real Big Baby” made his pro debut on October 26, 2019, and has been knocking out the majority of his challengers since.

He currently has a 93% knockout percentage, and has proven to be a showman that thrives when the spotlight is on him.

Charles Martin forced Jared Anderson to go the distance for the first time as a professional on Saturday in Toledo. Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Charles Martin forced Jared Anderson to go the distance for the first time as a professional on Saturday in Toledo. Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

As we count down to Jared Anderson vs Andriy Rudenko, we ask ourselves what makes Jared Anderson a special fighter among his peers?

Anderson is physically strong, gifted with raw talent, and possesses more athleticism than most current heavyweights.

He is coming right off of his toughest pro fight to date, against former IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin (29-4-1, 26 KO) in a 10-round contest a month ago on July 1, 2023, which resulted in a unanimous decision victory for Anderson.

Charles Martin was a formidable opponent and was able to exploit some of Anderson’s vulnerabilities throughout the fight.

But Jared Anderson showed his willingness to fight through adversity and make the necessary adjustments to his style during the bout, which led to him dropping Martin in round three.

This was the first professional fight for Jared Anderson that went the full distance, ultimately ending his impressive fourteen-fight knockout streak.

“It was some things outside of the ring I felt like I could have done better,” Anderson told this week, as he pondered Jared Anderson vs Andriy Rudenko.

Jared Anderson with Bob Arum

Bob Arum and Jared Anderson celebrate after the young heavyweight's win over George Arias. Anderson seems to be dealing with his rising stature well. Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

“Even if I had an excuse, I wouldn't give it. I did what I was supposed to do. I came out victorious in that fight and I'm happy that it went the way that it did. We entertained people.”

Jared Anderson is confident in his development and his abilities in the ring.

He is also aware that he is capable of being the exciting heavyweight fighter that the world loves to see.

Jared Anderson Vs Andriy Rudenko on ESPN
Andriy Rudenko Is the Clear B Side In Jared Anderson vs Andriy Rudenko

Saturday, August 26, 2023, will be Andriy Rudenko’s first fight on American soil.

The 39-year-old Ukrainian journeyman stands 6’0 tall with a 73” reach.

Rudenko is coming off a tune-up fight on January 28, 2023, that resulted in a second-round knockout victory against a low-level fighter with a record of 2-10.

In his prior fight to the January 28th matchup, Rudenko lost by TKO in the sixth round to undefeated Ukrainian fighter, Vladyslav Sirenko (19-0-0, 16 KOs) on December 18, 2021.

Check out how Rudenko looked in a loss to Zhang Zhilei. 

Andriy Rudenko has a tough matchup ahead on ESPN against Jared Anderson, who has an advantage in nearly every category from size and youth, to power and speed.

Although Rudenko has more professional experience than Jared Anderson, he also hasn't been as busy in the ring as Anderson has in recent years.

If he is not conditioned to keep up with the younger, and much more active opponent in Jared Anderson it could be a bad night for Rudenko.

Jared Anderson next fight is on ESPN

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Conclusion: KO Coming For Rudenko 

Bob Arum and Top Rank Promotions along with the management of James Prince have been moving Jared Anderson’s career at an accelerated pace to gain experience and to lift his skillset to the level of a world champion.

This fight is a step down in the level of opposition from Jared Anderson’s last fight a month ago.

It will still be beneficial to measure any improvements that he made in the gym and continue on his path to becoming a top heavyweight contender.

It is very likely that Saturday, August 26 2023, will be the start of a new knockout streak for Jared Anderson.