Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Will Do Crazy Numbers IF Rules Allow For Possibility Of Jake Being Knocked Out



Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Will Do Crazy Numbers IF Rules Allow For Possibility Of Jake Being Knocked Out

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson. Out on the street, ask a stranger about it, chances are decent if it’s younger person they know that Mike Tyson is going to fight Jake Paul.

Recognition of the the July 20 event is high. Will that translate in the traffic department?

Undoubtedly so, it’s being streamed/shown on Netflix, which is nicely penetrated in the US (and beyond). They are in some 260 million homes worldwide.

HBO had around 32m subscribers in 2017, a year before they shuttered boxing. Showtime hit around 28m subs by 2018.

Apples and oranges.

Success Of Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson To Depend On Rules of Engagement

Now, the structure of this Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson deal is kind of crucial, if we are gauging the potential level of attraction and engagement.

IF the rules and regs allow for a real fight, not an exhibition, regular terms, then that’s optimal.

People like Andre Rozier wonder about the rules for Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson

Lots of chatter about the format of Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson

Because then the prospect of Mike Tyson knocking out Jake Paul is true, and that will be a strong magnet.

Plus, those that love younger Jake (age 27) will also be motivated to tune in July 20, for fear their boy gets put to sleep in devastating fashion.

Will Tyson (age 57) be made to drain to 160 pounds to get his fee? There is a meme making the rounds to that effect—humorous in that Tyson weighed 190 pounds at age 12.

Will they both wear headgear during Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson in Texas at ATT Stadium?

Is it an exhibition, if so can we assume that Tyson will pull punches in the same way he did for his exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr?

Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson unfolds July 20, 2024

If I had to guess, and I do, because MVP folks have been off radar after the Serrano fight cancellation and this gigantic play, I think they will kick the can down the road and spill the beans on lots of these issues later.

Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson Helps Netflix Build Live Coverage

This no-extra-fee attraction likely helps establish Netflix as a live content purveyor, giving them another niche to hold sway.

You may know Netflix has paid heavily to be the home of the live WWE “Raw” program in 2025.

Netflix doesn’t do ratings the old Nielsen way, we will not be getting whispers and “sources said” calls about PPV buy numbers post July 20.

Jake Paul smack very well, but his critique of George Foreman fell flat.

Jake Paul might be the best known American boxer at this point…Apart from Mike Tyson, that is

Netflix keeps the circle tight, and won’t be sharing those particulars.

Instead, we might be told after the July 20 dust settles that Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson accumulated 90 thousand million hours watched.

It will be more or less that area, depending on a singular possibility: how likely is it that on July 20, Mike Tyson hits Jake Paul with a left hook that isn’t “prime Tyson,” but is potent enough to drop and stop the social media age talent? If the rules allow, the numbers will be staggering.

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