Important Pros And Cons Of Starting Boxing At College



Important Pros And Cons Of Starting Boxing At College

College is a stressful place. Although many refer to it as the time of their lives, it truly is a difficult task to handle and you may even start to feel some anger or aggressive emotions when you failed to get the grades you hoped for. Or when you have been cooped up in your room for days on end cramming for finals.

Many choose to box for a sense of stress relief, and of course, anger management. Also, for a college student that is struggling with their mental health, boxing can be a great sense of relief and even fulfillment.

Boxing comes with many pros and cons for college students, but at the end of the day, you will need to decide if this hobby is the right one for you to pursue and if this is the type of stress relief that will benefit you!

First, you should note that many college institutions offer you the extracurricular activity of boxing. If this is the case, you can speak to one of your professors to find out more about how boxing has helped other students.

The Pros:
A New Hobby:
Hobbies are vital for college students since it provides them with a sense of stress relief. If you have been stuck in a rut of assignments, boxing could be a way to de-stress! If you have decided to opt for boxing as a new hobby, you could do this when you use a 2 service; this will allow you to save time, ensure quality work, and experience your new hobby! You should know that being in college doesn't mean that you cannot ask for help when it is needed.

Let's be frank, sitting and studying don’t provide your body with many exercises, but boxing is excellent for your body.

It increases:
​- Reflexes and Endurance
​- Mobility
​- Control
​​- Flexibility
You can exercise your whole body while working on a hobby.

Mental Health Release:
College takes a great deal of mental focus, which can be pretty overwhelming. Boxing can help you healthily release your emotions!

The fighting life suits Nonito Donaire!

More Pros Can Include:
● Increased Confidence
● Find New Friends
● Improve Mental Fitness

The Cons:
● Injuries:
As with any contact sport and especially with ones like boxing, injuries are part of the experience. The chances are if you want to box professionally, you will endure a severe injury somewhere along the road. As for a college student, boxing will be less violent, but you could come off with a bruise or a sore head here and there.

Once you see how boxing impacts you, it could become an obsession, the adrenaline pumping through you and the excitement, as well as the overall vibe of feeling better. As a result, you may start to stray away from your other responsibilities, which can become a horrible thing for your grades.

To sum up, boxing is an excellent way for college students to find a sense of release. It helps with overall feelings of mental clarity and body health. An exercise is a great tool you can use to refocus, and boxing is an exceptional way for a college student to build up strength and resilience. It is a great way of freeing you from negative feelings, but you should consider your physical health if you are pursuing a sports career since this could be harmful if you were injured in any profound way!