Davies vs Barroso Purse: Cash Flowing in Sin City



Davies vs Barroso Purse: Cash Flowing in Sin City
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Although the boxing world is rather quiet at the moment, we'll soon see some action via the upcoming Davies vs Barroso bout that's taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend (as part of the Ortiz vs Lawson card), which should produce some record purses for the two fighters involved. 

In a fight that was originally scheduled for early December, boxing fans will finally get to see Ohara Davies vs Ismael Barroso square off in a bout that should generate considerable prize money.

After spending some time scouring the internet in search of potential boxing purses, we've been able to generate some presumably accurate predictions for the payouts Davies and Barroso will make as a result of their upcoming fight for the Interim WBA World Super Lightweight belt. So let's get right into it!

Davies vs Barroso Purse: What Ohara Davies and Ismael Barroso Will Make This Weekend

While the official Davies vs Barroso purses likely won't be disclosed until months after the fight takes place, we are still able to make reasonable predictions about the prize money both boxers will earn. 

With Ohara “Two Tanks” Davies entering this match as the A-side, being a heavy favorite (in a fight that was originally supposed to take place in December), with an interim belt on the line, it's reasonable to believe that Davies will make somewhere around $350,000 in fighter pay for this championship contest against Ismael Barroso. 

We already know for certain that Davies is currently in Las Vegas in preparation for this weekend's fight — and perhaps plans to spend some of his big payout at the casinos after winning the Interim WBA World Super Lightweight title. 

As for Ismael Barroso, despite not receiving the rematch against Rolly Romero that he was so desperately seeking back in May, one would imagine that Barroso will be receiving some nice prize money for this weekend's bout, as well. In fact, despite being the heavy underdog, we predict that Barroso will earn somewhere around a $200,000 purse for squaring off against Davies in Las Vegas. 

Considering that Barroso is nearly 41 years of age, this might be one of his last opportunities to earn a solid payday through his boxing career. While it's anyone's guess whether he'll emerge victorious this weekend, at least Barroso will be starting his 2024 with a nice purse in hand, regardless of winning or losing. 

Ohara Davies' Suspect Spending Habits

In early 2023, Ohara Davies went viral for discussing his spending habits he had earlier on in his career. In the video, Davies notes that he, “spent $10k in 10 days” during the first time he came to America — all before going back to living in his mother's house in England. 


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It does sound as if Davies has learned from those past financial mistakes. Yet, considering that Davies might be leaving Las Vegas this weekend with a title belt wrapped around his waist, perhaps he'll revert to those past habits and blow some of his well-earned purse fast and furious. 

Then again, maybe Davies — who appears much wiser now — will spend that money on more flats back in England instead. 

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