Cordina vs Vazquez Full Card Predictions, Prelim Betting Picks



Cordina vs Vazquez Full Card Predictions, Prelim Betting Picks

If you're looking for Cordina vs Vazquez full card predictions and some more betting info for this weekend's boxing action, you're in luck because we've got them. Headlined by the IBF super-featherweight champion of the world, Joe Cordina, as he takes on a very game, 15-1 Edward Vazquez, we've got some solid action coming up.

Not only that, but we'll be taking a look at the earlier portion of the card and giving our Cordina vs Vazquez prelims predictions as well. There are a lot of great fights on this card and some great opportunity for these athletes to build themselves and further cement themselves as contenders and even champions.

Cordina vs Vazquez Full Card Predictions – Main Card

This card isn't lacking in gold nor talent; with three titles on the line in the main card, there's plenty of reason to clear the schedule and give these bouts your attention come November 4th. On that note, let's take a deeper look at this card and test our clairvoyance.

Cordina vs Vazquez Full Card Predictions: Joe Cordina vs Edward Vazquez

Cordina vs Vazquez full card predictions

Joe Cordina is an Olympian who seems to be a problem for anyone in the squared circle. Particularly, in this bout against Edward Vazquez. The champ brings in a an undefeated record of 16-wins. In those 16-wins, he's stopped 9 of them. When watching film on the champ, you can see that Cordina mixes up his shots well. His footwork is nice, but when he smells blood in the water, he'll happen put on some concrete boots, stand in the middle and trade.

Cordina has great head movement as well, and he'll be needing that against Edward Vazquez. The scariest thing about Vazquez happens to be the double-edged sword that is his age. While having a blemished record isn't attractive in boxing, it's a great thing for Vazquez because, win or lose, he's taken a loss and gotten better from it.

It's not like Cordina is old, but at just 18-years young, Vazquez is a sponge; much like fighting someone who's take a long hiatus, it's hard to predict how much different this fighter will be in their next bout. With that being said, there has to be some major strides made in order to topple Cordina.

Official prediction: Cordina via stoppage

Cordina vs Vazquez Full Card Predictions: Sivenathi Nontshinga vs Adrian Curiel Dominguez

When an undefeated champion takes on a challenger with a lot of momentum fueling him toward a title shot, we watch. Nontshinga boasts a record of 12-0, 9 of these wins come by way of KO/TKO. At just 24-years-young, this man is a prodigy that has yet to disappoint. The bookies have the IBF world light flyweight champ sitting around a -700 favorite to win this bout.

Curiel Dominguez is also 24-years-young, but his record has not retained the 0 that a lot of people look at. 23-4-1, Adrian has taken his lumps but he's always bounced back. He's never lost two in a row and his last performance saw him getting his first stoppage win in 6-years. Perhaps he's found that fire that he needs in order to secure gold come this Saturday.

No matter who wins or losses, regardless of it being a stoppage or decision and no matter who's side you're on, this is a fight that should give us a lot to look at as boxing moves forward. Two clean and technical guys fighting for a pinnacle spot in their division. But, as far as we have it, we're expecting to hear “and still” tomorrow night.

Official prediction: Sivenathi Nontshinga via decision

Cordina vs Vazquez Full Card Predictions: Julissa Alejandra Guzman vs. Ramla Ali

The knockout punch by Alejandra Guzman against Ramla Ali in round eight. Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom. who won the we

The knockout punch by Alejandra Guzman against Ramla Ali in round eight. Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.

We all love a rematch! In their last outing, we saw Guzman get the win via KO in the eighth round. Of course, it's not a first loss without controversy; there's a lot of speculation on how fast the referee was counting. That's in the past and not worth delving into too much, we've got the rematch in a day.

Guzman put on a great display of boxing and found the shot to put Ali out before the final bell. However, this bout called for an immediate rematch and that's what we have tomorrow night. The odds are slightly favoring Guzman to get the job done once more, but she's not a massive favorite by any means. She's a -125 favorite, leaving Ali as a -105.

For our prediction here, we're mentally flipping a coin. It should be a close one, but maybe Ali has done enough to patch up her game and get the underdog win tomorrow night. Either Guzman has Ali's number, or this is the second chapter of what should be a fantastic trilogy; we're leaning toward the latter.

Official prediction: Ramla Ali via decision

Cordina vs Vazquez Full Card Predictions: Souleymane Cissokho vs Isaias Lucero

Both fighters here have 16 wins to their record and only one will leave with a graduated win column. Cissokho is undefeated but we can't say the same for Lucero as he's coming off of his first loss. This bout will not be similar to the previously discussed one in terms of close odds; Cissokho is a -800 betting favorite.

Both fighters here are prolific finishers and this is a dangerous task for either corner here. However, it's not hard to side with the majority of betters here and pick Cissokho to get the job done.

It's not like Lucero only has a puncher's chance, though. We've seen Cissokho go down before, but still, he's yet to lose. With Lucero having won 10 of his 16 wins by KO/TKO, he's got some pretty good hands. Those hands have a chance at putting Cissokho down, but for us, we don't think they'll be enough to keep him down.

Official prediction: Souleymane Cissokho via stoppage

Cordina vs Vazquez Full Card Predictions and Prelim Betting Picks

Overall, expect a great night of action and some high-level boxing. This card has all of the ingredients needed for a memorable event. We've got titles, we've got rematches, we've got finishers — the only downer at the moment is that it's not Saturday. The clock is ticking, the action is drawing near, and with that being said, those are the picks for the night.

  • Cordina (-1200) to beat Vazquez (+650) by stoppage
  • Sivenathi Nontshinga (-700) to beat Adrian Curiel Dominguez (+500) by decision
  • Ramla Ali (-105) to defeat Julissa Alejandra Guzman (-125) by decision
  • Souleymane Cissokho (-800) to defeat Isaiais Lucero (+550) by stoppage

Take those picks as you will — there's no such thing as a safe bet in combat sports, so bet at your own risk. This Matchroom boxing event will take place tomorrow at the Casino de Monte Carlo Salle Madecin located in Monte Carlo. Starting at 3 p.m. EST / 2 p.m. CST / 12 p.m. PST, this card is not one to miss!

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