BKFC 41 Results: Conor McGregor vs Mike Perry Next?



BKFC 41 Results: Conor McGregor vs Mike Perry Next?
Perry jaws with Conor McGregor after beating Rockhold

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) 41 got a heavy boost from Conor McGregor at the 1stBank Arena in Broomfield, Colo. on Saturday night. The event, topped by Mike Perry defeating Luke Rockhold in the main event,  may well be the most successful card in the company's short history.

The card trended on all social media platforms, aided massively by UFC star Conor McGregor's presence at the nearly sold-out venue. The show took place on an evening when mostly the rest of the combat sports world took a night off. New eyeballs saw for the first time what this league is about, combining “the best of boxing and MMA.”

The main event contest saw Perry defeat former UFC champion Rockhold in Rockhold's highly anticipated BKFC debut.

Mike Perry Vs Luke Rockhold at BKFC 41 on April 29, 2023

Perry takes it to UFC vet Rockhold. (Photo by Phil Lambert/BKFC)

The lasting image for the night has to be the sight of Mike Perry staring face-to-face with Conor McGregor. It felt like two rivals met up again, but this time at the BKFC Playground.

“Great effing night. For the sport and the fighters, it was unbelievable,” said BKFC President and Founder David Feldman once the card was over.

“We don't know our exact attendance numbers, but we did right around 8,000 – we did very close to a million-dollar gate. Which is phenomenal for being in business for 4.5 years after everybody wrote us off time and time again.

”These fighters came in tonight, and they delivered,” the owner continued. “They fought their asses off, and they all left it in the middle of that ring. It was a phenomenal night for us.”

Business looked booming Saturday and the fights didn't disappoint as the crowd was here early and stayed loud for the entire night.

How Did the Fights Shake Out?

Yes, Saturday night was filled with many names from UFC, Bellator, and boxing from the previous decade, but that makes BKFC endearing. They embrace providing a second chance for combat sports players to try and make one last run at glory in the ring.

Albeit said glory is much more savage and punishing than they were used to. Former boxing welterweight champion Mike Alvarado found that out the brutal way as he made his BKFC debut and, hopefully, his finale as he was peppered by James “Get Down” Brown in two rounds.

Mike Alvarado lost to James Brown at BKFC 41

Mike Alvarado lost to James Brown at BKFC 41. (Photo by Phil Lambert)

Yes, James Brown came out to “Get Down” but did not have a cape or an assistant to put on said cape. Despite that faux pas, he preceded to outwork and pepper Alavrado with combinations.

All Alvardo could do was take ‘em  in the face, leading to the stoppage by the ringside doctors before round three.

What happened in the Alvardo-Brown fight, while Conor McGregor watched, was the general theme of what shook down most of the night. Not too many battles on this card with “feeling out” or tactical rounds.

Brandon Girtz won in 70 seconds over Christian “The Terminator” Torres.

The same 2-minute victories resulted for Christine “Misfit” Ferea as she beat Rowdy” Bec Rawlings to retain her BKFC Women's Lightweight title.

Christine Ferea and “Rowdy" Bec Rawlings trade hands

Christine Ferea and “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings trade hands (Phil Lambert pic)

Chris Camozzi beat Dan “The Dragon” Spohn, whose body language walking down the ramp before the bell had me think he'd do a Curtis Harper on us.

BKFC is different.

“Big” Ben Rothwell pummeled local Josh Copeland in two rounds and preceded to call out current heavyweight champ Champion Alan “The Talent” Belcher as Conor McGregor watched.

After cracking back on the crowd who booed him in the ring before the bell, Rothwell said, “I want to show you what these hands can do. I'll heal, I'll come in here and put on a war and I'll take that (expletive) title because I am the BKFC Heavyweight Champ!”

Ben Rothwell wins at BKFC 41

Beefy Ben takes the W. (Phil Lambert pic)

The best fight of the night was easily the reason McGregor, Justin Gaethje, and Kamaru Usman were present with several others. Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie “The Underground King” Alvarez edged former UFC featherweight title challenger Chad “Money” Mendes in a battle that saw both fighters knocked down twice over the full ten minutes—a real back-and-forth fight and what will rank as one of the best fights in BKFC history.

After the loss, Mendes announced his retirement from combat sports.

The main event was another short one, as Mike Perry dispatched former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in Rockhold's BKFC debut in two rounds.

Rockhold’s face looked bad, so the ringside team called a halt at 1:15 of the second round, much to the crowd's disappointment.

This contest was forgotten once Perry called Conor McGregor into the ring and challenged him. McGregor came out, cut a promo and stated:

“It's an incredible setup here, incredible matchmaking, incredible storytelling … All these fighters that step in here are warriors and they all have my respect. I'm into this game.”

BKFC & Conor McGregor Aligning?

This card wasn't my first BKFC show. I attended the 1st Knucklemania back during prime COVID. The product has improved noticeably.

One area that is leveled up is the care and safety in the brutal combat sport. There were more medical and ringside personnel around these fighters than there were people in the Conor McGregor entourage.

Conor McGregor with David Feldman at BKFC 41

Conor McGregor with David Feldman at BKFC 41. Looks like we will see Conor in a BKFC bout. (Photo by Phil Lambert/BKFC)

Great to see, considering the average fight, while slated for 5-two minute rounds, usually went one round.

BKFC loaded this card up with big names, and the banter and conversations from most all walking out were about seeing Conor McGregor in a BKFC bout. Those familiar with the old Pride FC shows in their heyday will possibly fall in love with BKFC.