Canelo vs Charlo Live Round by Round

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Canelo vs Charlo Live Round by Round

Canelo vs Charlo is on. From T-Mobile in Vegas…

ROUND 1: Canelo came to the ring with a big crew, Jermell by his lonesome. Harvey Dock is the ref… Feel out first minute. Crowd booed! Left hook miss by C…

Charlo moving, few jabs. Canelo jab and right follow landed. C more aggressive, won the round last third. CANELO

ROUND 2: Canelo out closer in distance. Right by C landed partially. Charlo being busier, moving and sticking well for a bit. Canelo power is liked by fans.

Charlo busier with jab, he’s backtracking. Whacks to body by Canelo, noise is loud. CANELO

ROUND 3: Canelo stands up between rounds. Canelo pressing, Charlo backing up. Jermell clinches again. Right clipped Jermell, caught on ropes.

Charlo by the way didn’t have musculature I expected! He looked lean.. Power wasn’t looking fearsome. CANELO

ROUND 4: James told J to not wait. Right hook by Charlo lands..Canelo edges ahead, high guard, combos, Jermell not countering-answering.

Right by Canelo lands…J hasn’t gotten his respect. CANELO

Canelo Vs Charlo

ROUND 5: Jermell waiting way too much. Canelo jab more present than last couple fights. It’s back to solid basics…

Charlo not showing offensive path to win thus far. He’s being dictated to.

Not enough activity or thump from Jermell. A left hook did land clean but it’s clear his power isn’t feared. James tells J to be “focused.”CANELO

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ROUND 6: J on that back foot. C taking it to him, and the lack of pop isn’t helping.

Sneaky counter left from J…Closer round…In distance if nothing else. Tightening round. Pressure gives Canelo the edge. CANELO

ROUND 7: Stalking Canelo. Loud rights sound good for Canelo.

J took a knee… right hand did it…split guard… up at 7.

J clinches, at 1:35. More clinch. J trying left hooks, Canelo presses. Good head and torso movement by Canelo…CANELO PLUS A POINT

ROUND 8: More Canelo. Power is on for Canelo.

Left hook, bang! CANELO

ROUND 9: Eddy told Canelo to stay smart. Jermell moving mostly to his left…More savvy head movement by Canelo. More stalking…Canelo the shorter and stronger athlete…Weight classes matter. CANELO

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ROUND 10: Did Charlo come to win, truly? Or kinda, but with equal or greater emphasis on surviving?

Canelo backs him up, J not taking counter punching risks. CANELO

ROUND 11: “You’re losing the fight,” James tells Jermell. “You gotta go get him, man.”

J does back up a bit less.. but no, he kept moving and wasn’t going to go down in an attempted blaze of glory. Canelo with good gas! Improved stamina! CANELO

ROUND 12: Canelo pressing, same as before. Charlo was in surviving mode, from start to finish. CANELO

Synopsis: CANELO, 12-0, plus extra point for knockdown

“Nobody can beat this Canelo,” the winner said after taking a UD (119-108, 118-109, 118-109).

He trained in the mountains, away from family, and it showed, “I feel great,” no big deal no KO. He still LOVES boxing, he said. “I don’t know, but I don’t fucking care,” he said, when asked who is next.

Jermell said he didn’t feel on, it wasn’t his night. “I was daring to be great,” he said, but he will go back to 154. “He didn’t stop me.”

Bud Crawford at 154 would suit him he said.

The Mexican leader of boxing, Canelo Alvarez, seeks to maintain his standing as the top draw in the sport while Jermell Charlo wants to back up tough talk and prove his worth in a 168 pound scrap unfolding on a Las Vegas stage.

The Canelo scrap is to be offered on PPV, with Showtime doing the production.

We have covered the Canelo promotion from inception and our crew has offered their predictions as to what (or who?) will go down.

Here is what award-winning journalist Gayle Falkenthal had to say on the subject:

For the first time in history, two reigning male undisputed champions will meet in the ring with all four of Canelo’s super middleweight belts will be up for grabs. Yes, Charlo moves up two divisions, but forget about any size difference. They'll be even (probably close to cruiserweight) when the opening bell rings.

What's not as clear is whether Charlo can carry speed and power up to 168 pounds or whether his experience can meet the moment. Alvarez's critics feel he's lost a step, but he's been miles ahead of the competition for years in power, ring IQ, and experience.

All hands on deck: Canelo says his repaired wrist and hand are now fully 100% for the first time since he injured it, and he promises to put it to work. Charlo is also coming off a hand injury that prevented him from fighting Tim Tsyzu. He'll test it for the first time in 17 months.

Even a slightly diminished Canelo should beat Charlo and should avoid any knockout threat. If it goes to the scorecards in Las Vegas, Charlo will have to dominate ten rounds to win it, and that's not happening.

PREDICTION: Canelo Alvarez by decision. 

Canelo vs Charlo live round by round, from watching on

We furnished a comprehensive keys to victory piece by Jacob Rodriguez, so that likely whet your appetite to satisfy your curiosity.

He told us that Charlo will want to target the body to disrupt Canelo's rhythm, plus:

Charlo must attempt during Canelo vs Charlo to do what most fighters won't or can't do against Canelo Alvarez: attack the Mexican's body.

Canelo likes to keep his guard high, and if Charlo can successfully attack Canelo's body, it will lower Canelo’s hands and make it easy for Charlo to split his guard.

In addition, Charlo must be able to get away from Canelo’s counterpunches. The Texas native must throw his combinations and quickly move before Canelo gets set to throw his power shots.

Newsflash: Canelo is older, slower, and easier to hit. Even though he denies it

For all the Canelo fanatics ready to stone me to death, it is essential to note that Canelo has been fighting for over eighteen years and is a veteran of sixty-three fights.

Along the way, we've wondered about Charlo's demeanor. I've pondered: how much does he believe in himself that he can beat the redhead? Remains to be seen…

And here is the seeing…here was round by round coverage of Canelo vs Charlo, from the night of Sept. 30, 2023.

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