British Boxers You Need To Know In 2021



British Boxers You Need To Know In 2021

After a long and hard 2020, boxing fans worldwide are looking forward to many intense boxing matches in 2021. Even though the most anticipated event is the encounter of Anthony Joshua between Tyson Fury, if it reaches fruition, there are other British boxers that you should know of if you plan to watch or bet on boxing matches of 2021.

Boxing has always attracted fans from around the world. People seem to be hooked on the thrill, the action, and the energy that this sport offers. There are those who would do anything to sit in the front row when their favourite boxer is in the ring, and there are those who like to show support by watching the broadcast and placing wagers in an online UK casino or sportsbook. So, the types of boxing fans vary, but they all share one common trait – and that is their love for boxing.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all British boxers you need to keep your eye on moving forward.

Tyson Fury

The most anticipated match in 2021 is the one between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. It’s expected that Fury will meet Joshua in the second half of the year and the fans around the world can’t hold their excitement. Fury is a two-time world heavyweight champion, and he’s the third heavyweight boxer to hold The Ring magazine title twice. In 2015, 2018, and 2019 Tyson was ranked as the number one heavyweight by BoxRec. A fight between Joshua and Fury is said to have the ability to generate over $200 million dollars, so it’s obvious why this match is one of the most important ones this year. 

Anthony Joshua

The match that we all look forward to wouldn’t be as popular if it wasn’t for Anthony Joshua. There is one thing about Joshua that makes him extremely popular among young people, and especially college students.

And that is his knockout percentage of 93%. This superhero from the boxing world has inspired many youngsters in college to pursue their dreams even though all the odds are against them. That is why many students, who register on an online casino to use their primary benefits in the form of a welcome bonus, like to wager precisely on Joshua. It’s not just to get 100% casino bonus, but also to show support to one of their idols. Born in 1989, Joshua has earned world fame by becoming a two-time unified world heavyweight champion. He’s also held IBF, IBO, WBO, and WBA title since 2019. He has been acknowledged by BoxRec as one of the best boxers in the world. 

Josh Taylor

Another name that should be on your watchlist is Josh Taylor. Born in 1991, in Scotland, Taylor has already made a notable career in the world of boxing. Josh is a unified light-welterweight champion, and since 2019 he also added IBF and WBA titles to his resume. Moreover, from 2016 until 2017 he held the Commonwealth title for light-welterweight. In 2020 he became the number one active light-welterweight. This is why his upcoming match against Jose Ramirez is another boxing match that you shouldn’t miss. 

Josh Warrington 

The thirty-year-old featherweight is promising an exciting year. Josh Warrington is ready to face a world champion from China, Can Xu, in 2021, and many are eager for this match to happen. In case you don’t know, Warrington held the IBF featherweight title from 2018 to 2021, which makes him a worthy opponent, even against a world champion. Also, in 2018 he became the first male boxer from Leeds that has ever won a major title.

Joe Joyce

At the age of 36, Joe Joce has already won the European, WBC SIlver, British, and Commonwealth titles. And now it's likely he will face Oleksandr Usyk, the former cruiserweight champion. If he wins, Joyce will most likely face Joshua or Fury in 2022. 


2021 will be an eventful year when it comes to boxing, and fans are already looking forward to each and every one of these matches. The winners will be determined by stamina, reflexes, quick thinking, but also by the amount of support that they get from their admirers. So make sure to stay tuned when your favourite boxer is in the ring and show them support in every way that you can.