Boxing’s Most Anticipated Fight In 2021: Spence vs. Crawford or Davis vs Garcia?



Boxing’s Most Anticipated Fight In 2021: Spence vs. Crawford or Davis vs Garcia?

We are just a few hours away from Errol Spence Jr. (26-0) versus Danny Garcia(36-2) and I can’t help to think about 2021.

There will be a ton of eyeballs on tonight’s fight to see if Errol Spence Jr. is truly back.

A win will certainly ease the minds of the suits at Fox. However, a statement win, that would probably send the thought of Spence going up against Terrence Crawford into the stratosphere.

If Spence beats Garcia handily, appetites will really be whetted for Spence vs. Crawford.

Recently, WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford (37-0) knocked out Kell Brook (39-2) in front of a big viewership audience. While the win was overshadowed by news of his frustration in not landing a big fight, it was a statement victory none the less.

Will Crawford be with Top Rank at the end of 2021?

Tonight’s fight can very well make a Spence vs Crawford one of the most anticipated matchups in 2021. It’s a fight that they both want but are going to command big purses. Bob Arum mentioned recently that each man would demand at least $10 million and that isn’t realistic without a gate.

I would also add that it isn’t realistic because the fight would draw the boxing community but not by the general public. General public interest would allow for those type of purses to be paid but honestly, both men lack some of the personality that it takes to accomplish that. It’s not a knock on both men because they are superior athletes, it’s just that they have more of a reserved personality and that’s a hard sell these days.

Now, a fight that the general public does want to see is Gervonta Davis (24-0) versus Ryan Garcia (20-0). If you ask me, that fight would sell out the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas before a Spence Jr vs Crawford does.

Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia has more mass appeal than does Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford.

There is no questioning Davis' pop-culture appeal.

I know fans hate it when mentioning the social media presence and popular culture effect but that is where we are as a society. Those two fighters, Gervonta and Ryan Garcia, have an extremely strong fan base and there is no questioning their star power.

If Ryan Garcia knocks out Luke Campbell, there isn’t a person out there that isn’t going to be clamoring for that fight. Boxing fans will disagree but that only makes up a small percentage of those that would purchase the PPV.

Many may lean towards Spence vs Crawford as the one to anticipate. I personally think it’s the younger guns that would counter that argument.

Tonight’s fight will occur and the result may put in motion some of these anticipated matchups next year. To be honest, we would be happy getting either!

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