Benn vs Dobson Prediction: The Destroyer Does Damage



Benn vs Dobson Prediction: The Destroyer Does Damage

One of the world's most notorious boxers returns to the ring this weekend, preparing us for a Benn vs Dobson prediction that seems destined to end with one of these warriors lying face-up on the canvas. 

The entire combat sports community will be keeping a close watch on this clash between two undefeated, hungry, and supremely talented 147-pound boxers — with both looking to prove that they're among the very best in their weight class. 

Although the betting line might suggest that this fight will be one-sided, our Conor Benn vs Peter Dobson might make you second guess whether that is truly the case — or perhaps make you believe that the current line should be even wider.

Benn vs Dobson Prediction

Conor Benn Preview

Despite all boxing fans wishing that Conor “The Destroyer” Benn — an English boxer with a 22-0 professional record, which includes 14 KO victories — was preparing to fight Chris Eubank Jr this weekend, it's still a treat to watch Benn compete in the ring, regardless of who he's facing off against — especially when Benn being in the cold, calculated mindset that he has been displaying during this fight week. 

As polarizing as Benn may be outside of the ring, nobody can deny that the man is a marvel from bell to bell. 

What impresses us most when watching Benn box is how well-rounded he is when fighting, and how he can adjust his game plan and fighting style in order to always afford him the advantage against his opponent. 

Whether it's starting fast, staying behind his jab, prioritizing elite head movement, or simply deciding to bite down on his gum shield, walk forward, and throw heavy hands at his opponents until they crumble, the only thing that's predictable about Conor Benn is that fans will be thoroughly entertained by the time his bout is over. 

Our Benn vs Dobson prediction is that we'll see a more measured, calculated version of Benn — at least, in the first couple rounds. Once Benn gets an understanding of what Dobson is looking to do against him, we expect Benn will make the necessary adjustments to put himself in a position to end the fight in a knockout.

Peter Dobson Preview

While Peter “Pistol Pete” Dobson – an American fighter with a 16-0 record, which includes nine KO victories — has been doing a lot of talking leading up to this bout against Benn, he'll need to put his money where his mouth is on Saturday. 

Dobson certainly has a right to feel confident, considering that he has never suffered a defeat during his professional boxing career. While he has never faced a fighter close to the caliber of Conor Benn, we can't fault for Dobson for believing in himself.

While Dobson doesn't have the fastest hands, head movement, or footwork, it's clear when watching him fight that he has been working for years to master his craft.

When he has his opponent on the ropes and is able to pick his shots, Dobson unleashes an array of creative combinations with bad intentions and impressive power behind every punch.

Given that he likely won't be feeling as comfortable in the ring against Benn as he has with past opponents, our Benn vs Dobson prediction is that “Pistol Pete” would be wise to try and gain some respect early, while also pushing the pace and being the more aggressive fighter as the bout progresses. 

If Dobson manages to be more aggressive and land more volume than Benn, there's a chance Dobson could find himself getting his hand raised at by evening's end. 

Conor Benn vs Peter Dobson: Benn By Brutality

Our official Benn vs Dobson prediction is that Conor Benn will win the fight by knockout — which is currently available at -275. 

We expect Conor Benn to look like a man on a mission come Saturday — if only to prove to the boxing world that he doesn't need PED's to produce a masterclass. Benn should look like the much faster, more athletic boxer in the ring against Dobson.

And given that this fight seems to have become personal for Benn, due to all the talking that Dobson has done, we believe that the Under 6.5 rounds prop — currently available at -110 — is a good bet, since Benn has been predicting a first round finish all week long. 

Conor Benn has been through a lot in the past few years; much of which he has inflicted on himself. Yet, when someone with Benn's skill is able to put all that beside him and step into the ring worry-free, his opponents should be fearing for their safety. 

Bu the time this Benn vs Dobson fight is over, we believe people will be talking a lot less about Benn's controversies, and more about what an incredible boxer he is. 

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.