Eddie Hearn Admits PED Flap Makes Next Benn Fight Bigger



Eddie Hearn Admits PED Flap Makes Next Benn Fight Bigger

Brit boxing promoter Eddie Hearn went on the DAZN Boxing Show with Ak and Barak. He gave his thoughts on his fighter Conor Benn, who tested PED positive, blaming that on eating too many eggs.

Hearn said he wasn’t too pleased with the WBC finding/release, maintaining that there are elements which are not being publicized which bolster the credibility of Benn’s explanations. He continues to assert he has been a clean fighter. The eggs explanation got roundly and soundly dissed on regular and social media.

“Conor Benn is constantly told by his legal team, ‘Keep your mouth shut.’ Has Benn played this process well? “Not really,” Hearn said.

For Conor Benn, it was a hard right hook that sealed the knockout win. Photo: Mark Robinson, Matchroom Boxing

Eddie Hearn believes Conor Benn was a clean fighter, but wants him to look forward, not back. Here, Benn attacks Chris Van Heerden. Pic by Mark Robinson

He says things on social media—“raw emotions from the young man”— and the promoter admits he sometimes cringes. He hasn’t given Benn PR advice, he asserted.

“I believe in him,” Hearn said, “call me a bad guy, I don’t know….”

Basically, Hearn thinks Benn should move on, stop threatening to sue people and the like.

Eddie Hearn joined Ak and Barak on DAZN Boxing Show

Ak and Barak host the DAZN Boxing Show

They are looking at Nevada, NY, Britain, elsewhere, and “ultimately, we want to get him back in the ring probably in June. We would much rather go through that process with the British Boxing Board of Control, however, right now, that’s the last thing Conor Benn wants to do, because he’s fuming. It means that he can box straightaway in the UK. If not, his next fight will be international. That’s something we’ll have to decide in the coming days.”

Hearn admitted, “Like it or love it, everyone in the world is gonna watch Conor Benn’s next fight.”

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