Around the Curve with Abe: Triple H, Tyson Fury & Logan Paul



Around the Curve with Abe: Triple H, Tyson Fury & Logan Paul

It’s been a while since an Around the Curve has been posted, and with the current news circulating about Vince McMahon, it got my wheels spinning about a few different things. What does this have to do with boxing? Simple, the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has not been shy of discussing potential future plans with the WWE, which would do big business in the U.K.

Fury first dipped his toes into the multi-billion-dollar company back in 2019 when he battled Braun Strowman at an event called “Crown Jewel.” It was all over the internet, and he did a decent enough job that the company welcomed doing business with Fury in the future. After his knockout over Dillian Whyte, Fury hinted at a fight against Francis Ngannou and doing something with the WWE. The no-brainer for Fury within the WWE is fighting Drew McIntyre, who is from Scotland. That fight does significant business across the pond, and everyone involved knows it. There is an event currently scheduled for September 3 called “Clash at the Castle” in Cardiff, Wales, that looks to have Fury and probably McIntyre square off.

While all this was going on, Logan Paul (brother of Jake Paul) signed a deal with the WWE as his appearance in the last Wrestlemania was met with positive results and became one of the most talked about matches during the two-night event. Jake Paul was there to support his brother and had minimal involvement. While Logan was suplexing his opponents in the ring, his brother Jake was setting up a fight with Tommy Fury (Tyson’s brother). The fight fell apart due to apparent visa issues, but before that, Jake and Tyson got into a back and forth on social media regarding a wager for the fight.

Yesterday, Vince McMahon announced that he is retiring from the WWE. Earlier today, Paul “Triple H” Levesque assumed Vince’s position as the person overseeing creative when it comes to its talent. This is a huge move, as for many years, there were minor riffs between the two when it came to creative directions, and many felt the company would become even bigger under the direction of Levesque.

Here is where it all comes together. Triple H is a smart guy who is in tune with things happening outside the wrestling world. He must know that there is tension between the Paul and Fury family, so why not play off that. The company already has Logan Paul and will potentially soon have Tyson Fury for whatever events, so why not eventually lead to a Tyson Fury vs. Logan Paul match.

Will we see Logan Paul vs Tyson Fury next year? Photo Credit: WWE

That right there would have the internet going crazy. Yes, it’s scripted, but the tension between the two families seems genuine, making it great for TV. The question will be whether the WWE would be willing to go that route which would be more click baitish than anything. These next few months going into the end of the year will be interesting. Oh, by the way, did I mention Wrestlemania is in Los Angeles next year? Keep an eye out for this.

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