Tyson Fury vs. Drew McIntyre At This Year’s Summer Slam?



Tyson Fury vs. Drew McIntyre At This Year’s Summer Slam?
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We are only hours removed from the “one hitta quitta” that WBC & Ring Magazine heavyweight champion Tyson Fury unleashed on Dillian Whyte. It was a ruckus crowd of reportedly 94,000 at Wembley, Stadium in London that witnessed perhaps the last official boxing match of Tyson Fury's career. All week he has been teasing retirement, and in the post-fight interview, he mentioned telling his wife that the last fight was his last, but the temptation of ending his career at Wembley was too much to pass.

Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou in a hybrid match?

Once the main questions were over, Fury had UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou come into the ring as they discussed the possibility of them fighting in what they called a “hybrid” fight with MMA-sized gloves. It looks as though something had already been discussed prior to the Whyte fight, and this was a way to get the ball rolling for that fight. Lance Pugmire tweeted that Bob Arum spoke to Tyson Fury and that they would meet in Vegas within the next two weeks.

This meeting is more about the way forward as this fight was the last one on the Top Rank portion of the Tyson Fury deal. Whatever event Fury would want to be a part of that involves ESPN, who has rights on the UFC Champ, would have to include a new deal. Not too long ago, UFC released a video game where Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua were playable characters in the octagon. It seems like the idea of Fury doing this exhibition type of fight has been in the works for a while now.

What about Tyson Fury vs. Drew McIntyre at Summer Slam? 

Tyson Fury is no stranger to the WWE as he worked an event named “Crown Jewel” a few years back, which saw plenty of success. Today, a video tweet with Stephanie McMahon, Paul Levesque, and “The Undertaker” popped up, and they were behind Tyson Fury in this title fight against Whyte. Again, at the post-fight press conference, Fury mentioned settling a score with the Scotsmen Drew McIntyre at Summer Slam later this year.

Coincidentally, WWE is running a “feud” between Drew McIntyre and their champion, Roman Reigns. This sounds like at some point, Fury will “cost” McIntyre the title, and it will set up the fight between him and Fury. It's a match that will certainly have the attention of the U.K fans and boost Fury's popularity even more, crossing him over to commercial success.

My Three Cents:

Tyson Fury is done with the sport, and I believe him, but that is not to say he is done with the showmanship part of it. Fury sees the potential of doing exhibitions, WWE, and things in Hollywood as an opportunity to become a global star. He has maxed out what he could do in boxing regarding star power, so it's now on to the next thing.

Tyson Fury has an incredible story, and if he finished his career today, he would go down as one of the best to ever do it like, the great George Foreman told me the other day. Well played, Tyson, well played.

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