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Shawn Porter Will Show Us “The Truth” About Errol Spence (Addendum)



Shawn Porter Will Show Us “The Truth” About Errol Spence (Addendum)

In this era of aversion to “The Truth,” Errol Spence is such a rare anomaly.

Not only is his nickname not a pseudonym, but he is a champion in not just name only. With tactful appreciation for his blue collar merits, the same really can't be said about Shawn Porter, whose moniker of “Showtime” is more akin to “The Laborer”.

Though Porter has adopted the gaudy suits and a glamorous appeal that shows up on Inside PBC Boxing, it’s a superficial connection to a man of blood and guts. He didn't have that nickname when he was making his bones as a tremendous sparring partner for a prime Manny Pacquiao. I mean, imagine Clubber Lang the aristocrat. Porter is grimey but articulate, rugged but refined, really good — but going up against a future legend and the soon to be WBC/IBF welterweight champion of the world on Saturday night at Staples Center on FOX PPV for Al Haymon and Premier Boxing Champions and I will not be there to see it from ringside. 

As the most unique independent media voice in the sport, I find myself punished for being adamant about writing “The Truth” under a 1st Amendment that feels more like the 101st now. On my last three trips to the west coast as a senior writer for NYF, powers that be have attempted to place me as close to the actual roof inside for Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder, Canelo Alvarez Vs Daniel Jacobs and Manny Pacquiao Vs Keith Thurman.

Since independent media funds its own endeavors to push and promote the fighters we cover, in an effort to grow as a result of what they go through, its one thing to face selective censorship and intellectual algorithm austerity from Facebook or Twitter upon publication — but not from boxing itself. Politics can govern sovereignty, but it cannot cross the borders of my dignity. 

“The Truth” is, I don't expect Spence to shout over to the “other side of the street” after running over Porter, as PBC will probably want the focus to be on brand building through damaged goods in Manny Pacquiao. I love Pacquiao as if a second cousin that made it, but that epic Keith Thurman win had physical consequences. He doesn't need Errol Spence showing us “The Truth” about that. Instead, hopefully Spence will do the right thing (which he has no problem doing) and just look into to tell Al Haymon or anyone else that he wants a very disrespected Terence “Bud” Crawford, a man who just may be the best welterweight on Earth, in a superfight for the fans — to hell with promoters and steak marination.

We purists and hardcore fight fans see that one as a modern Sugar Ray Leonard vs Thomas Hearns. It doesn't need any damn A1 sauce, because Shawn Porter will show us that Spence is at least the bonafide 1A welterweight champion.

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