UFC on ABC 5 Results: Topuria Dominates Emmett



UFC on ABC 5 Results: Topuria Dominates Emmett

The UFC on ABC 5 results show that Maycee Barber has that fire back and that Ilia Topuria is one of the most complete featherweights in the promotion.

Topuria deserves all the praise in the world after a performance like this. He made Josh Emmett, a former title challenger, look like he didn't belong in there with him. Despite Josh having some success early in round five, the UFC results show that Topuria dominated from bell to bell.

The only real bummer from this card is that Tafa vs Lane didn't get to pan out. Otherwise, this was an A++ card and one that will be talked about for some time moving forward. Here, we'll give you the UFC results today and where these wins could put the fighters that got the job done today.

UFC on ABC 5 Results: Topuria Is Next For The Belt

So, the big winner today is anyone who watched. Next is Ilia Topuria — this dude is a problem, and if the division didn't know that yet, they do now. 145lbs has a new contender; he's 14-0, he's got 12 finishes, and he's only 26 years old. Anything short of a title shot after that performance won't be enough.

However, the UFC isn't the most predictable entity. Plus, we still need to see how the current champ, Alexander Volkanovski, fares against Yair Rodriguez. There could be an immediate rematch, the champ may go up in weight, there are many things that can happen. All we know is that no matter what, Topuria is now breathing down the neck oh whoever holds that featherweight title.

The co-main event had Maycee Barber has returned to her finishing ways! The UFC results today show that Barber, who was clocked as a slight underdog, is still a title-hopeful and she's only getting better. Today makes if five in a row for her.

The UFC on ABC 5 results also show that, in terms of ranked fighters moving up in the world, Brendan Allen is someone to keep an eye on. That is, if you haven't been watching already. Just looking at the UFC results tells the story of an incredible event.

UFC Results Today: Everything You Need to Know

Let's take a look at the entire main card and the results of these fights.

  • Topuria defeats Emmett via decision
  • Barber defeats Ribas via TKO
  • Tafa vs Lane ends in a no contest
  • Onama defeats Santos via KO
  • Allen defeats Silva via submission

There were a lot of finishes tonight! This card, relatively earlier on in the day than usual, felt like it flew by. The exciting fights and ubiquitous finishes made for what felt like an extremely short event. But, maybe it's just because this card was so exciting and if it went on for another few hours, nobody would be upset.

Again, the main takeaways from these UFC results are that Topuria is the real deal, Barber has her old energy back, and that Allen needs some respect on his name now. Of course, Onama delivered one of the most insane knockouts that we've seen as of late. And, to include the only anticlimactic moment of the card, nobody would be upset about Tafa and Lane running it back.

The next steps are all up to the UFC brass obviously, but if everything made sense and the UFC on ABC 5 results could make a demand, we'd see Ilia scrapping for some gold in his next outing with the UFC. Also, we'd see Barber fighting someone near, if not in, the top 5 of the division.

Implications of the UFC on ABC 5 Results

UFC on ABC 5 results

Amanda Ribas and Maycee Barber have an intense face-off ahead of their matchup at UFC Jacksonville. (Image Credit: MMA Fighting)

Nothing really makes sense other than Topuria vs whoever has the title. Though things are a bit jammed up right now, Ilia showed that he's way beyond his years in terms of martial arts skill level. He went out there and made a veteran look like he didn't belong. Topuria is the next generation of MMA and he did everything right tonight to warrant a grab at the belt.

The co-main UFC results screamed at the fans and let everyone know that though Barber didn't become the youngest UFC champion like she wanted to, her fire for gold is back and her skill is just getting better. What a performance this was! Barber took some damage but was able to stop the fight after landing a few huge headkicks.

The desire to finish was there and we really got to see Maycee putting on a performance that is indicative to someone wanting to climb the ranks so badly.

The UFC on ABC 5 results for the main card started with Brendan Allen running through Bruno Silva to remind everyone why he has a number by his name. There's no way anyone can doubt this man now, not after a win like this.

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