UFC Fight Night 224 Results: Quick Finish For the Main Event



UFC Fight Night 224 Results: Quick Finish For the Main Event

The UFC Fight Night 224 results are in and we've got everything you'll need to know here in this article. Another UFC event in the O2 Arena is in the books and we've got some great highlights to look back on for awhile now. A few huge wins, some upsets and a whole lot of action later, we can now move on from this event and see what's next as we move forward.

The UFC results show that Tom Aspinall is not just as good as we thought, but probably better. Additional UFC results today show that Nathaniel Wood is legitimate, Julija Stoliarenko is a problem at flyweight and Paul Craig at 185lbs is the real deal.

UFC Fight Night 224 Results: tom Aspinall Makes it look Easy

UFC Fight Night 224 results

Mar 19, 2022; London, UK; Tom Aspinall (blue gloves) defeats Alexander Volkov (red gloves) during UFC Fight Night at O2 Arena. Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports/Sipa USA – Photo by Icon sport

Marcin Tybura is very good, but he did play the role of “sacrificial lamb” in this fight; we didn't know if Aspinall would return from his injury the same, but he looks like he only got twice as good with his time spent recovering. It wasn't even clear if Tybura had landed anything significant. The UFC Fight Night 224 results tell that Aspinall is a threat to the title.

The returning Tom fought incredibly well in his own backyard and really made the most out of this moment. He went in there with his floating style, put some serious hands on his counterpart and got the job done in just over a minute. After the matter, he mentioned that he's got Jon Jones in his sights.

It seems that the champ, Jon Jones, is up for the challenge. Of course, this is a potential fight that has to pass some more variables, first; Jon Jones will need to get through Stipe Miocic at UFC 295, potentially beat Sergei Pavlovich and then deal with Tom Aspinall should he get his wish and win against the victor of Ciryl Gane and Sergey Spivak.

It's hard to keep the bias aside when talking about Molly McCann — she was defeated in her backyard in just over a minute. That makes it eleven wins for Julija Stoliarenko, ten of those coming by way of the armbar. Shades of Ronda Rousey, right? Molly didn't have anything to offer when on the ground and Julija silenced the crowd.

Nathaniel Wood also had an absolute banger of a fight with the help of Andre Fili. Vacillating momentum, Fili and Wood both had incredible moments in this fight, nearly stopping the other. But, we did go to the judges for this one. The first round was a clear one for Nathaniel, but Fili stole the second. Round three was very up in the air, but three people whose opinions mattered saw it going to Nathaniel Wood.

Another huge name that pops out on the UFC results tonight is Paul Craig. He took on one of the toughest stylistic matches for his middleweight debut and the UFC results show him scoring the second round TKO after some fun grappling exchanges.

UFC Results Last Night: Everything You Need to Know

The UFC Fight Night 224 results are pretty clear. Not a whole lot of controversy here, which isn't exactly the norm nowadays. Nathaniel Wood vs Andre Fili arguably could've gone the other way, but that's what happens when you leave it to the judges, especially in someone else's backyard.

However, there is a bit of backlash on the Davey Grant vs Daniel Marcos decision. But hey, only one controversial decision on a card is progress! It still sucks, but it's progress.

  • Tom Aspinall defeated Marcin Tybura via TKO
  • Julija Stoliarenko defeated Molly McCann via submission
  • Nathaniel Wood defeated Andre Fili via decision
  • Paul Craig defeated Andre Muniz via TKO
  • Fares Ziam defeated Jai Herbert via decision
  • Lerone Murphy defeated Joshua Culibao via decision
  • Daniel Marcos defeated Davey Grant via decision

Those are the UFC results and there's a good amount to unpack given this information. First and foremost, we need to reiterate how good Tom Aspinall is. This guy has what it takes to be the champion someday. Next up, we should give Julija her flowers; she might've been booed at the O2 Arena, but what she did was incredible and she should be praised for this win.

Nathaniel Wood continues to impress as a featherweight and he keeps showing that his boxing skills cannot be slept on. Everyone that grabbed a win did incredible and the UFC results today only show the finalities of what was an incredible card.

Another big winner is Paul Craig. This guy, on paper, was supposed to have a super rough time today. But, he did his thing and was able to put a stop to Andre Muniz right before the third round. Craig claimed that he's a middleweight that's been fighting at light heavyweight, and this performance just adds some more intrigue to an already fantastic division.

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