Devin Haney Promises Dominant Showing Against Jorge Linares



Devin Haney Promises Dominant Showing Against Jorge Linares

WBC title on the line in Haney’s return to Las Vegas on Saturday night

Devin Haney (25-0 15 KOs) – defending WBC World Lightweight title against Jorge Linares

“I’m happy he said this was the best training camp and he’s in the best shape of his life. I want the best Jorge Linares so when I win that there’s no excuses and the world knows he came in 100 per cent.

“This is the time I’ve been waiting for; this is the moment and my time to finally shine against an incredible opponent and thinks he can put up a good fight and win against me. This is a huge opportunity for me, this is time to show everything I’m made of.

“Like Jorge said, this is a whole new level but I’m ready for it. It’ll be a very dominant performance; I think the world will be surprised at what kind of performance it is. I think even Jorge will be surprised at what type of fighter I am.”

Bill Haney – trainer and father of Devin Haney

“As you know, we’ve always talked about getting Devin in that right fight that will catapult his career, we believe Jorge Linares is that guy. We’re thankful to Linares for stepping up and giving Devin that opportunity to once and for all show that he’s an elite fighter.

“We have appreciation for Matchroom and how long you’ve been patient. We’ve both tried to get those names in the ring, finally now on Saturday we have that name in Jorge Linares. We hope that he comes and brings his all, we hope to have a healthy and very competitive Jorge Linares so Devin actually can show he’s an elite fighter.

“These are the kind of fights that bring out the best in a fighter. A young fighter like Devin with so much in his toolbox, arsenal full of different kinds of punches. It’s just a great opportunity, we want Jorge to come at his best and bring out those things so we can showcase to the people what a wonderful talent he is.

“You’ll see Devin make a statement, he’s ready for this moment. It’s a euphoric moment, now we get a chance to be on the big stage, our home away from home in Vegas, we look forward to Saturday night, it’s going to be amazing.”

Jorge Linares (47-5 29 KOs) – challenges Devin Haney for the WBC World Lightweight title

“I’m very excited to be here in Vegas again, I’m next to the lightweight world champion Devin Haney, so this is a big opportunity of my life. I had a great training camp in Japan for a long time with my brother but now I’m here. I’m very excited for Saturday night.

“I feel much better than before, against Kevin Mitchell, Anthony Crolla, Vasiliy Lomachenko, I think this is the best and more important training camp – a big opportunity in my life. I’m here a couple more days.

“I’ve fought a lot of big fights, 52 fights, in England, USA, Latin America, this time I’ve come back to Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. It’s in amazing fight against an amazing young champion, it’s so exciting to show everyone who I am, how much experience I have and how good I feel.

“I respect Haney’s comments, thinking about after this fight, talking about Lopez and everyone in the lightweight division. Me too, I’m thinking about being a champion again and then fighting with the best in the division. There’s a lot of good opponents and champions, I need to be ready for that again.”