2023 WWE Elimination Chamber: Live Results, Winners & Highlights



2023 WWE Elimination Chamber: Live Results, Winners & Highlights

The year is starting with a bang for the WWE as they have stumbled onto something that has caught an enormous amount of heat in the last few months. “The Bloodline,” led by the tribal chief Roman Reigns, has been on fire for a while now as they own all of the significant hardware within the company. Another layer was added to their storyline when Sami Zayn was brought into the fold. He was considered an outsider until he proved himself. He eventually did, and Zayn was part of The Bloodline, and the story caught even more heat.

Reigns then faced Kevin Owens, a former friend of Zayn, and the story took a twist. After battling through his internal emotions during the Reigns vs. Owens fight, after the match, Zayn hit Reigns with a chair to end the Royal Rumble PPV in January, which sent the audience into a frenzy. Zayn is now a “babyface,” and the fans are really behind him. The question going into Elimination Chamber is whether he will come out victorious or will the story continue to live leading up to WrestleMania. It’s an interesting but good problem to have if you are the WWE. There is plenty of anticipation going into tonight's WWE Elimination Chamber.

NYFights brings you the live results from the 2023 Elimination Chamber.


Elimination Chamber match for a shot at the Raw women's championship at WrestleMania – Asuka vs. Liv Morgan vs. Nikki Cross vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya vs. Carmella

The opening match was the women’s elimination chamber match. The two women to start it off were Liv Morgan and Natalya. With the Canadian crowd behind her, Natalya started the match with all of the momentum and played to the crowd. After a few sequences, Liv Morgan takes over and starts banging Natalya’s head into the elimination chamber. Then when it was time for the pod to release another wrestler, Raquel Rodriguez’s came open, and she entered the match. Rodriguez started to beat on both women and then placed them both in the corner as they were a recipient of a splash. Rodriguez showed plenty of strength by placing Natalya on her shoulders and ramming her into the chamber. Liv Morgan then jumped on Rodriguez and drove her into the chamber.

It was time for the chamber to open again, and Nikki Cross entered the match. She started to attack everyone as if she didn’t know who to focus on but wanted to beat everyone up. Nikki Cross cleared the ring as the other three women were on the mat from Cross’ offense. Nikki then climbed onto the top of Carmella’s pod and executed a cross-body splash on top of all three women. The pod once again opened, and Carmella entered the match. She immediately started to antagonize Asuka, and while that was happening, Rodriguez put Nikki Cross through the pod for a loud pop from the crowd. Rodriguez then covered Cross, which eliminated her from the match.

Liv Morgan does a ridiculous sunset flip from the top of the pod on Rodriguez, and then Carmella tries to steal the cover, but Rodriguez popped out. Then the pod opens one last time to let Asuka into the match. Asuka immediately goes after Carmella and executes a german suplex. Natalya then puts the sharpshooter on Liv Morgan, and Asuka applies an arm lock simultaneously, forcing the referee to step in and eliminate Morgan. That left Asuka, Natayla, Raquel Rodriguez and Carmella.

While Natalya had the sharpshooter on Asuka, Carmella kicked Natalya in the face and covered her for the three count. Then both Asuka and Carmella pin Raquel Rodriguez which leaves only two women. After back-and-forth pin attempts, Asuka puts an arm bar submission on Carmella, who then taps out. Asuka is the winner and heading to WrestleMania to face Bianca Belair.

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

Brock Lesnar started the match by manhandling Bobby Lashley. Then he close-lined him and sent Lashley to the floor while getting a massive reaction from the crowd. After throwing Lashley back in the ring, Lesnar went back inside, and Lashley hit back-to-back spears on Lesnar. Lashley tries to put the hurt locker on Lesnar, but that gets reversed; Lesnar executes the F5 and covers Lashley but does not get the three count. Lesnar hits another F5 on Lashley, but again, Lashley kicks out. Lesnar calls for a third F5, but Lashley counters and hits a third spear. Lashley then stalks Lensar and applies the hurt locker.

Lesnar kicked Lashley with a low blow, and the referee disqualified him, making Lashley the winner. Lesnar completely loses it and gives an F5 to the referee. Right after, he gives Lashley another F5. The crowd is yelling for another, so Lesnar kicks Lashley out of the ring and clears out the announce table to perform an F5 through the table, leaving Lashley laid out and the crowd screaming, “Holy Sh*t.” Then Lesnar picks up the referee and executes another F5 on the referee. The place went nuts, and Lesnar leaves the ring with Lashley and the referee laid out ringside.

Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley

Edge and Finn Balor start the match but don’t last very long as the whole arena is waiting for the ladies to get into the match. Rhea Ripley and Beth Phoenix come into the match and start talking trash to each other. After some failed moves, Ripley looks for a test of strength move, and while initially has the advantage, just when Phoenix starts to get momentum, she kicks Phoenix in the stomach. They go outside the ring, where Phoenix throws Ripley into the steel steps. While Phoenix looks to hit a move from the top ropes, Finn Balor distracts the referee, and Dominic pushes Phoenix's leg, which forces her to fall onto the turnbuckle.

The match's momentum is with Ripley as she starts to pour it on and not let Phoenix make the tag. Phoenix starts to fight back with some chops and then executes a super plex from the top rope. Then after both submission moves were placed, Dominic distracted the referee, and the holds were broken up. Ripley then hit both Edge and Phoenix with brass knuckles. Then a spot was created where Phoenix and Ripley executed a double powerbomb which laid everyone out.

Edge gets up and hits the edge-ecution, but Balor gets up and hits the sling blade. Phoenix jumps into the ring, does a tag team finish, and pins Finn Balor for the three count.

Elimination Chamber match for the United States championship — Austin Theory (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Montez Ford vs. Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Bronson Reed

To start the match off was Rollins against Gargano. They exchanged clever moves, which created a reaction from the crowd. After a few exchanges, it was time for a chamber to open, and that’s when Austin Theory entered the ring. As soon as he entered, Theory started to attack Seth Rollins and, afterward, threw Gargano into the plexiglass of a chamber. Rollins and Gargano had enough of Theory and began to tag team against him. Theory tried to lock himself in the chamber to avoid the beating, but Gargano and Rollins made their way into the chamber and landed more shots.

It was time for another chamber to open, and Damian Priest entered the match. Priest used his distinct size advantage to clear the ring and give his big boot to the faces of everyone in the ring. With all of the wrestlers in the ring, there was a sequence of dropkicks for everyone involved. With all the participants tied up, the chamber opens, and Bronson Reed comes into the match and slams one guy into another. Reed then put Gargano and Rollins on his shoulders and executed a Samoan drop. After Reed clears the ring, Montez Ford finally comes in and goes after Reed right away. There was a spot where Theory had Reed on his shoulders, but Reed was able to get out of the hold.

Montez Ford climbed to the top of the chamber and dropped down on all of the wrestlers. After Rollins & Gargano execute their finishing moves on Reed, Ford goes to the top rope and does a frog splash. Ford covers Reed and eliminates him from the match. After Rollins had Gargano on top of the pod for a powerbomb, Gargano reversed it sending Rollins flying on top of the other four wrestlers. Damien Priest executes the Razor’s Edge on Gargano, which leads to him being pinned and eliminated.

This leaves Montez Ford, Damien Priest, Seth Rollins, and Austin Theory. Montez Ford does a Street Profits finishing move on Priest and covers him for the three count. Ford, Rollins, and Theory are left, but Ford and Rollins are battling while Theory is laid out. Ford’s frog splash didn’t land cleanly as Theory lifted his knees. Theory then turned around and pinned Ford. Just when you thought you had seen it all, Jake Paul enters the chamber and curb-stomps Seth Rollins. Theory executes the A-Town Down finisher and retains the United States Title.

Undisputed WWE universal championship — Roman Reigns (c) vs. Sami Zayn

The match took about ten minutes to begin, as the crowd was deafening. Reigns was controlling the beginning of the match as he needed to remind everyone that he was the tribal chief and the champ for a reason. Zayn threw Reigns out of the ring, flew over the top rope, and landed on Reigns, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Zayn controls the action, and Reigns can’t get his rhythm until he finally lands an uppercut to buy him some time to take a breather. Reigns teased the crowd by telling them that all they have are some Sammy chants while laughing at them. After throwing him out of the ring, Reigns takes Zayn toward his wife and starts hitting him, telling Zayn’s wife that all he wanted was for them to be together.

Zayn can’t catch a break, but after a reversal, Zayn close-lines Reigns and starts to get some momentum. Zayn now pours it on and even sneaks in a kiss with his wife before proceeding to punish Reigns.  After Reigns went for the superman punch, Zayn was able to counter with a suplex. Zayn then tried to do a finisher, but Reigns landed a superman punch. Reigns went for a spear, but Zayn reversed it and then landed a superman punch himself. He then executed a haluba kick, but Reigns kicked out of the pin.

After a dramatic powerbomb, Zayn again went for the pin, and Reigns kicked out. Reigns hits Zayn into the referee and knocks him out. Now the referee is down, and Reigns is laid out. Jimmy Uso enters the ring, hitting Zayn with three super kicks and a frog splash. Uso puts Reigns on top of Zayn for the pin. With a new referee, Zayn kicked out of the count. Zayn kicks Jimmy Uso, turns around, and then gets speared by Reigns. Roman covers him, but Zayn kicks out. Reigns executes another superman punch, but the referee is the one that gets hit with it and is knocked out cold from it.

Just when Reigns is about to hit Zayn with a chair, Jey Uso stands in front of him to stop it. Reigns allows Jey to hit Zayn with the chair. After Jey refused to, Reigns mushed Jey Uso and got out of the way from a Zayn spear that hit Uso. Afterward, Reigns hit the spear and pinned Zayn for the three count as he heads to WrestleMania as the undisputed champion. Kevin Owens’ music hits, and here comes KO to stun Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso.

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