UFC 293 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary



UFC 293 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary

We're here to give the UFC 293 live updates for the main event tonight. The middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, will look to once again defend the middleweight belt, this time against Sean Strickland. This fight may seem curated for the champion, but Sean is as game as anyone is in the UFC.

Here, we'll give you the UFC 293 round by round updates and fight results for the main event. We've got you covered on anything and everything you'll need to know as we wrap up this chapter of the middleweight title story.

UFC 293: What's on the Line?UFC 293 live updates

The UFC middleweight strap is on the line, but it feels like there's a bit more going on as we head into this main event bout. Sean Strickland, should he steal the win against the odds, will have one of the coolest comeback stories in fighting history. But, he cannot get ahead of himself; Izzy is his toughest challenge to date.

For Adesanya, this win should make it near irrefutable that he's the best middleweight of all time. He's taken on any and all challengers and is one of the most active champions in the organization. A lot of questions will be answered tonight!

UFC 293 Live Updates: Adesanya vs Strickland

Adesanya vs Strickland Prediction

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The wait is over and it's now time to get to the UFC 293 round by round coverage. Will Adesanya defend the strap or will Sean Strickland be able to find a path to victory? The wait is over and it's time to see what the middleweight title picture has in store for us!

Round 1: The story is in the body posture; Strickland looks like he's new here and Adesanya looks like he's here to have fun. The first round is a lot of feeling out for both fighters, but it's the challenger that's pressuring. Izzy was landing low kicks and making reads and got a lttle too calm. Sean lands a huge cross and drops Izzy, but he survices.

10-9 Strickland

Round 2: Sean Strickland had a great first round but he couldn't find the same success for round two. This was another close one, but I think Izzy edged this one out with his circling, leg kicks and overall bodywork. Very close, but this goes to the champ.

10-9 Adesanya

Round 3: Quality vs quantity here. The champ had more success in the striking, but Strickland came in clutch in the latter half of the round with some heavy shots. Personally, I think Israel needs to pick things up here.

10-9 Strickland

Round 4: This may have been Strickland's best round as a whole. He got the knockdown in the first, but this round makes it look like the challenger is running away with it. This has got to feel like a nightmare for Adesanya. The pressure and the heavy shots are working more and more for Sean.

10-9 Strickland

Round 5: Israel Adesanya may have left the fight IQ at home. He fought this round like he was up for some reason. Either that, or the champ was just too frightened to engage. Strickland walked the champ down and landed some very good shots. Adesanya got out classed here.

If we don't get a new champ here, then the place may riot. Sean even started screaming and walked Izzy down as Adesanya danced away. What a performance.

10-9 Strickland

Official Result:

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