UFC 292 Press Conference: “I Get to Whoop This Fraud’s A*s”



UFC 292 Press Conference: “I Get to Whoop This Fraud’s A*s”

The UFC 292 press conference is all wrapped up now and we're here to give you all of the tea from this media event. UFC 292 news: O'Malley and the champion, Sterling do not like each other. They were bickering back and forth nonstop and made a press conference that will be very fun to watch over and over again until they get locked in a cage on Saturday night.

There were a lot of different fighters on the panel for the Sterling vs O'Malley press conference, but we'll be focusing on the main event fighters here. Aljamain Sterling and Sean O'Malley are fighting for a lot here this weekend; a belt, their pride, and GOAT status for the incumbent champion. With all that to preface and make things more tense, let's get to the fun part and talk about this UFC press conference.

UFC 292 Press Conference: The Fans Favoring O'Malley

UFC 292 press conference - Sterling vs O'Malley

Dec 11, 2021; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Sean O'Malley reacts against Raulian Paiva during UFC 269 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports/Sipa USA – Photo by Icon sport

Despite Aljo living on the east coast, he's rarely gotten love from the fans even when in his backyard. While Sterling's talent isn't praised, it is appreciated and the O'Malley fans are all experiencing sweaty palms when the see ‘Suga' stare down with the current champion. There are no easy fights in the UFC, and especially not when fighting for a title.

The champion pulled up looking as dapper as dapper gets. He was sporting some green highlights in his hair and was asked about it:

“Yeah, yeah, you know, I've got to show a little Boston love, am I right?”

The champ was then asked how he felt about being so close to O'Malley for the first time since their face off at UFC 288. Additionally, he was asked if Sean could offer any threats that the champ hasn't seen inside the octagon before. Aljo responded:

“I don't know, man; he decided not to stay at the fighter hotel. he's been ducking me, he doesn't want to look me in the eyes. So, it is what it is, we've got a couple of days and I get to whoop this fraud's ass!”

This UFC press conference crowd reacted with a mix of cheers and boos.

The UFC 292 press conference was then turned the the challenger. O'Malley was asked about this bet that Aljamain Sterling proposed: $100 for whoever scores the first takedown. ‘Suga' was asked if he's heard of this bet and what he thinks of it.

But, before he could answer the question, O'Malley asked “Where the f*ck is Cody Garbrandt at?”

Unfortunately, the former champ had to pull out but his spot has been replaced. But, Sean did get around to answering the question.

“Yeah, $100 is a lot of money to [Sterling], so if he gets the takedown I'll give him $100, it's not a big deal.”

Sterling vs O'Malley Press Conference: O'Malley Plays it Cool, Sterling is Fired Up

UFC media day: Sterling vs O'Malley

Image Credit: IconSport

Yeah, things were very tense at the UFC 292 press conference.

When asked why the champ should be hesitant to shoot for takedowns, O'Malley hit us with one of the best answers of the night. After imitating the ESPN jingle, he gave us this:

“Sportscenter's top 10 plays: coming in at number one, Sean O'Malley knocks out Aljamain Sterling”

We'll end things with the champion. There's a lot of speculation on how much Sterling cuts to make 135lbs. When asked how he's feeling, Aljo lifted his shirt to reveal more abs than I could count.

“You guys already know the routine, baby! I am shredded! Shredded! I can't wait to get large and in charge so I can beat [Sean's] ass.”

Of course, there were plenty more iconic moments that the Sterling vs O'Malley press conference. Ian Garry and Neil Magny really go into it. So much so, Ian Garry requested that nobody ask Magny any questions so that he could sit and think about what he said yesterday at media day.

Chris Weidman got to joke around a bit, asking Brad Tavares not to check any leg kicks. Of course, Weidman is one of the best middleweights ever but his string of bad luck is astounding. If his fate were reversed, he'd have won the lottery twice, found his own body weight in four leaf clovers and would win that Taco Bell coin game nine times out of ten.

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