Tyson Fury Spars With True Geordie Over Chisora Choice



Tyson Fury Spars With True Geordie Over Chisora Choice

By the looks of it, Tyson Fury would have reached through the screen and tried to strangle “True Geordie” at the tail end of an interview which wasn’t to the liking of the Gypsy King.

Tyson Fury not happy with True Geordie Brian Davis.

Book it, a Tyson Fury v True Geordie match!

Fury informed the You Tuber he had 40 minutes for a chat, but the sesh ended early after Fury grew tense when the host perseverated on his stance that Derek Chisora doesn’t deserve to get a title crack at Fury, on Dec 3 in England.

That’s because Tyson Fury beat the 38 year old Chisora twice already, and very easily the last time.

And because “Chisora has lost 50 percent of his last 15 fights,” which the burly interrogator mentioned several times.

Fury played up Chisora’s chances to pull the upset and explained that if he were to fight a “foreigner” with little name recognition, it wouldn’t draw interest.

Tyson Fury actually held his temper and he could have pulled the plug even earlier, being that TG wasn’t being as gentle as most of us are in an age where we realize that we need the talent far more than they need us.

The boxer countered TG’s line of thinking as best he could: “No matter what you say, or what people like you want to say about Derek Chisora, he's achieved more in boxing and in fighting than 10 men like you could ever achieve,” Fury said. “So I'm not going to just let you sit here and slate somebody who's fought the best fighters of this era just because he's lost a few fights.”

TG real name Brian Davis explained he wasn’t dissing Chisora, he called him a Brit legend. “It is what it is,” Tyson Fury replied.

“I'll be fighting Chisora… and if you don't want to watch it then please don't, and if you do, tune in,” Fury said. “And if you don't want to buy a ticket, don't buy a ticket. And if you do, be like the rest of the 50-odd, 60-odd thousand that's already bought tickets.”

Tyson Fury didn’t like the line of questioning from True Geordie

TG said to Fury’s face what loads of others have been opining.

Fury unloaded on TG as the session ended. “I think you’re a little tosser. You little tosspot. And I won't be doing any more interviews with you little tosspot, bearded, bald-headed tosser. Kiss my balls, you little wank. You little shithouse,” Fury said.

TG took it in stride, chuckling lightly. And he got the last word in when he mocked Fury. “Have you worked out how to close this phone? Are you alright?”

“Suck a dick,” Tyson Fury told TG, in closing.

But here’s the thing—Fury himself described Chisora as a has-been, basically, and himself gave reasoning in line with what so many of us have already stated, that this trilogy is useless and borderline insulting to fans.

In the latest and last edition of Ring magazine—yes, RING in print is deadTom Gray interviewed Tyson Fury at length. And the subject of what’s next came up, during an a chat held in early September.

“Torn up, washed up journeyman”

“Listen, we have seen Derek Chisora—a torn up, washed up journeyman—give Usyk all he could handle,” Fury said to Gray, on the subject of Oleksandr Usyk and title unification with the Ukrainian ring general. “Derek is a glorified journeyman with 12 losses, and most of those losses came in a row.”

Those are the words of Fury himself, before the prospect of a third fight with Chisora came to fore. So, was Tyson Fury speaking truth to Tom Gray, or True Geordie?

Ask Tyson Fury yourself, if you are prepared to be labeled a tosser, and to be invited to fellate an unidentified male member.

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