Tyson Fury Calls Oleksandr Usyk a ‘Cruiserweight Bum’ While Blasting WBO President



Tyson Fury Calls Oleksandr Usyk a ‘Cruiserweight Bum’ While Blasting WBO President

Tyson Fury Calls Oleksandr Usyk a ‘Cruiserweight Bum' While Blasting WBO President Paco Valcarcel

Tyson Fury didn’t miss the chance to voice his frustration after being overtaken by Oleksandr Usyk in the heavyweight rankings. Apparently, the 31-year-old known as the Gypsy King didn’t consider Usyk as fit to win the ranking, and he wasn’t afraid to show it on his Twitter account. 

Many people hoped to see the two battling so they had a chance to bet on their upcoming boxing games on 2, but it’s hard to say as of yet if the match will end up taking place.

How It Went Down

Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcarcel took to Twitter to say, “We would like to see him fighting dudes like @Tyson_Fury’ after promoter Lou Dibella touted his Bakhodir Djalolov. But the Gypsy King took this as an opportunity to show his frustration with the fact that Usyk was elevated, while he was removed from the rankings. 

He replied to the WBO president in an unkindly manner. “Maybe if you hadn’t removed me from number 1 ranked WBO and put some cruiserweight bum with a 1 fight at heavyweight then you could have a say!” 

Tyson Fury blasted the WBO president Paco Valcarcel for being bumped from their ratings.

The WBO installed Usyk as Joshua’s top ranked challenger, and in their November rankings, Fury was No. 2. Then, the next batch of rankings had Fury out, and Joseph Parker was No. 2.

What Was the Reaction?

After Fury’s Twitter reaction, the WBO chief came with a response. “Champ we respect you a lot, but you aren’t available… that’s the reason WBO removed you from the rankings. By the way champ, good luck…” 

Final Thoughts

Although the WBO president wishes to see Djalolov fight Tyson, it’s not on the near term To Do list for Team Fury. Still, if you want to get into some betting on boxing online, you can look forward to Tyson’s fight with Deontay Wilder. It will be a great opportunity for some online boxing betting.