Training Camp Check-In: Danielito Zorrilla



Training Camp Check-In: Danielito Zorrilla

The island of Puerto Rico has birthed some legendary fighters in the sport of boxing. Fighters like Wilfredo Gomez, Edwin Rosario, Hector Camacho, Felix Trinidad and Miguel Cotto just to name a few.

When Puerto Ricans whether from the island or of PR descent get behind a fighter, it’s a sight to see.

It's a proven fact at Madison Square Garden. Traditionally, in June, there has been the event where the Puerto Rican superstar tends to get in the ring on the Puerto Rican Day Parade weekend.

Since Miguel Cotto has retired from the sport, there hasn’t been anyone who could take the torch, run with it and have the Puerto Rican boxing fans get behind them. The people at Cotto Promotions, which has a partnership with Golden Boy, feel like 27 year old Danielito “El Zorro” Zorrilla (13-0) can be that guy.

Super lightweight prospect Danielito Zorrilla has quickly gained the attention of talent observers throughout the boxing world and is looking to make a big splash next year. With the year almost ending, it was important to get him in the ring as he last fought in October 2019.

This Saturday, he fights on Direct TV PPV live from Puerto Rico.

I checked in with Danielito Zorrilla to see how things are going leading up to his fight and introduce him to the readers.

AG: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview on fight week. Can you give the readers a quick BIO blast?

DZ: I was fortunate enough to be born in Puerto Rico. It was a blessing for me and my parents. Being born in my land and having those opportunities, I lived my life here. I have studied, went to college and began my career here. As an amateur, I participated in a lot of tournaments which gave me the knowledge to become a professional. As a professional it’s been tough and full of ups and downs but I’m here and looking to become a world champion.

AG: How were you introduced into the sport of boxing?

DZ: At the young age of thirteen, I was invited by a good friend of mine to a boxing gym. My brother came with me and when I started to practice it, I said to myself, “This is what I want to do and I want to become a world champion.” That is how I became a boxer and it’s exciting to look back and think about the beginning of my boxing career.

AG: Who were some of the fighters you looked up to and maybe created your style of boxing from?

DZ:  When I was growing up and before I started to box, the name that dominated throughout the Puerto Rican community was Felix Trinidad. When Miguel Cotto started to come up, I liked his style, intelligence and the way he moved. Those were my two blueprints to follow as they were great talents who did it all.

AG: This is your first and only fight in 2020. How was the pandemic in Puerto Rico? Also, how is Puerto Rico now after all of the storms that have passed within the last two years?

DZ: It’s been tough a year for myself and all who live in Puerto Rico. If I were to tell you all of the things that I went through this year to include family and the pandemic, I could talk forever. When you have a family with kids and are a parent, you have to commit yourself even more. The good thing though is that I have passion for what I do and the sport of boxing. I never stopped training and that passion will help me be successful in the future.

Here is a pic of Zorrilla with his two kids.

AG: When looking at the BoxRec, it says your opponent is TBA. Do you know who you are fighting and what do you know about him?

DZ:  I’m fighting Rodolfo Puente (19-4-2) from Colombia. He is a really decent fighter but I haven’t seen any video footage of him. I have left the video review for my manager and trainer to watch. We have been working on all of the things necessary to come out victorious this Saturday night.

AG: Do you see yourself fighting for a world title at the end of next year? If so, who do you have your eye on?

DZ: I don’t like to call any names out and would prefer to fight one of the champions. Jose Ramirez is a great champion and has a great style. I’ve been following him for a while now so I think a fight with him would be a great matchup. This would also be a good test to see what I have. I believe it would be a great fight and I am aware that there is a process but I am willing to do it in order to get there. I will be ready for whatever opportunity may come for me.

AG: What can fans expect that to see who will be tuning into your fight this Saturday night?

DZ: I believe I am an all-around fighter who can move forward, fight backwards and side to side. I have the whole package. Rodolfo is a strong fighter who is heavy handed and I will see what he has come fight night. As soon as he commits an error, I will go after him.

AG: Where can fans follow you and your career on social media?

DZ: You can follow me on Facebook (Danielito Zorrilla) and on Instagram @danielitozorrilla .

In speaking to Executive Director Bryan Perez from Cotto Promotions, he had this to say about Zorrilla’s 2021 plan. “Regarding Zorrilla, he is our top prospect in our company. We believe Zorilla is Puerto Rico’s top prospect. He is more of a contender and has the ability and the intelligence to be successful against any fighter. It’s a developing process and working with Golden Boy, the world will know who is Danielito Zorrilla. Working with Golden Boy, we have done a great job and are ready to take him to the next level. 2021 will be a great year for Zorrilla and you will be hearing a lot from him.”

My Three Cents:

I have watched Danielito Zorrilla fight while being ringside. There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to his future as a super lightweight. He is quick on his feet, has a disciplined defense and has real power in both hands. I know he only has thirteen fights but I feel as though he is ready to face some of those top ten contenders right now!

Boxing fans, place this fighter on your radar immediately if you haven’t already because he has the talent to become a future world champion.

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