Training Camp Check-In: Daniel Roman



Training Camp Check-In: Daniel Roman
Photo Credit: Paul Rivera

You have control over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. – Marcus Aurelius.

This quote couldn't be more accurate for thirty-one-year-old former unified super bantamweight champion Daniel “The Babyface Assassin” Roman (29-3-1). He has faced adversity in the ring but hasn't allowed that to affect how he moves forward with his career. On June 4th, he faces unified super bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton Jr. (20-0) in a highly anticipated fight among boxing's purists.

Prior to Danny locking things down for training camp, I checked in with him to get an idea of where he is at mentally as he prepares for another title fight.

Before getting into boxing-related topics, I wanted to know who Daniel Roman is for those that haven't followed his career up to this point. Danny told NYF, “I'm a single Christian who has lived his whole life in Los Angeles. It's a great city with good people. I've been boxing as a professional since 2010 and started when I was seven or eight years old. Now being a twelve-year Pro, it's my second opportunity to fight for a world title.”

One thing to note here is that Danny Roman is probably one of the most humble human beings you will come across in life, and as we are having this conversation, you get the sense that he doesn't allow any situation to get the best of him. That brings us to the fight where he lost his titles, which was against Murodjon Akhmadaliev (10-0). It was a great fight that was close, and the split decision victory went to “MJ.” Looking back, what did Roman think about the fight?

Danny told NYF, “Every fight is a learning experience. After the controversial loss to MJ, I told myself this wasn't the end of it. I actually believe I won that fight, but you have to respect the judge's decision. I don't know why the rematch didn't happen, but that's another story. My focus is Fulton Jr., and he is the guy in front of me who I have to worry about. If everything goes well, we will see what comes after that.” It sounded like Roman still wants to run that one back, and maybe he will get the opportunity to do so in the future.

Last year, Roman fought Ricardo Franco (25-3) in May, which resulted in a unanimous decision victory. The plan was for him to fight again in late summer/early fall, but when his scheduled opponent caught COVID, Danny ended up sitting out the rest of the year. Regardless, Danny stays in the gym all year round and keeps himself in shape in preparation for his next fight.

Danny Roman with his long time trainer Eddie Gonzalez.

Shifting the focus on this training camp, Roman told NYF, “I'm doing my training camp here in Los Angeles like I've always done. My trainer/manager is Eddie Gonzalez, and he is the one that is going to get me ready for this fight. He has trained me for all of my fights. We have a good plan, always train hard and never take anyone lightly, especially for this caliber of a fighter like Fulton.

Speaking of Stephen Fulton Jr., he has raised his game and has beat some top-level competition as of late. So, what does Danny think of the man he will be facing in June? Danny said, “He is a unified champion, and that says a lot. He's a smart fighter who can make adjustments during the fight. You can say it's going to be an interesting fight because he can bring the fight to me, or I can bring it to him. It will be like a chess game but a candidate for fight of the year.”

Something that is of interest is always what these fighters do outside of the ring when they aren't in a training camp. “I try to keep my mind off of boxing and spend time with my family. I don't see them much when I am in camp, so I like to spend time with them when I'm not. I'm taking a few theology classes as I like to read. I like to read the bible as well. If I'm not reading, I'll be in church” said the thirty-one-year-old Roman. After hearing that, it further solidifies what Danny Roman deems as important in life, and it has shaped him into the person he is today.

Can Daniel Roman once again become unified champion?

Danny Roman had a message for his fans before ending the call and knowing he won't be on social media too much until fight week. He said, “I know I'm going to be busy, but you can follow me on Instagram @_babyfaceassassin_ and on Twitter @teamromanboxing. I will keep everyone updated, and you can't miss this fight. I'm going to give my everything, and we are going to win. My mentality is to win, and I want to wish Fulton the best. You can't miss it. For all my fans, thank you for supporting me. If you're not a Danny Roman fan, check me out, you might like me. “

My Three Cents

Daniel Roman is humble on the outside, but he is a beast in the ring, and few are as consistent as he is. He has come up on the short end of the stick a few times, but he hasn't allowed that to get the best of him. Both him and Stephen Fulton Jr. are class acts, and come June 4th, we will have a tremendous fight on our hands.

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