Training Camp Check-In: Charles Conwell



Training Camp Check-In: Charles Conwell

On October 7th live from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, junior middleweight contender Charles “Bad News” Conwell (12-0) will be going up against Wendy “Haitian Fire” Toussaint (12-0). It will be the battle of the undefeated as “someone’s 0 has to go”.

I recently checked in with Conwell as he is making final preparations in training camp for this fight. He had some interesting things to say about fatherhood, camp and his upcoming fight with Toussaint.

AG: Charles, thanks for taking the time for this interview as you are winding down in training camp. Before getting into the topic of boxing, how is it being a new father?

CC:  To be honest having the baby, COVID and all of the riots has just made it a crazy year. Bringing a baby into this world with all of the things happening has been crazy. I really enjoy being a father as it is a different feeling than anything else.  Being a father has made me focus on setting up a future and legacy for my daughter. I just want to leave something for her to look back and see that her father was truly great and that he put me in the right position.

Conwelll became a new dad in June.

My daughter is my biggest motivation now. You always want to leave a legacy behind regardless if you have a child or not but now it makes me want to do it faster. Not trying to rush into anything but I want to be able to leave her something right now. That’s just what I’m focused on right now. Having a child changes your whole mindset and I didn’t believe it until I had a child of my own.

AG: When we spoke last, you were looking to face Madiyar Ashkeyev (14-0). Any idea on why that fight didn’t materialize?

CC: COVID is what happened as it disrupted everyone. It looks like he wasn’t going to be ready in time for this fight date so we found someone else.

AG: Let’s talk about who you are fighting and that is Wendy Toussaint (12-0) out of Huntington, NY. What are some thoughts on your next opponent?

CC: He is undefeated and I know he is going to come into this fight hungry. Knowing that, it made me want to work harder in preparation for this fight. I know he thinks he is the underdog and will have that mentality coming into this fight. I just want to stay focused, stay strong and be on my ‘A game' like every other fight.

AG: Is there anything you have done differently for this camp in preparation for your opponent?

CC: I stayed in camp longer than usual this time and that made it much better on my body. It allowed me to ease my way into it and not coming into camp going so hard right away. Since I had a longer camp, it allowed me to push my body to go harder and further.

AG: That’s interesting you should say that about being in camp longer as we have seen within the last couple of weeks how being in camp longer may lead to fighters overtraining. So you are saying that the extended time helped you versus hurting you?

CC: Yes, it helped me with my game and allowed me to practice more on the things I wanted to practice on for a longer period of time. It let me ease into camp and not jump straight into it. With the COVID-19 and being out for a while, going to camp early let me work on things for a longer period of time. It also allowed for my body to rest a little more once my fight was delayed.

AG: When heading to the fight bubble, there is no sauna or open gyms to lose the last couple of pounds. What are you going to do differently in your approach towards fight week when it comes to your weight?

CC: Since I have been in camp longer, I have been able to keep the weight off while in camp instead of right before the fight. I never really have an issue when it comes to my weight. Also, prior to me leaving to the state where the fight is being held, I make sure to be within 2-4 pounds from the weight limit.

AG: What are your thoughts on headlining this ShoBox card while also having your step brother Isaiah “Z-WOP” Steen (click HERE to learn more about Steen) on the card?

CC: I’m excited as the fight is on a Wednesday and there isn’t really any fights going on that day of the week. All eyes will be on us in regards to the boxing media. I’m excited for being the main event and it being a national televised card along with my brother being on the undercard as the co-main event. It’s an exciting time for my family and friends to see us both fight on the same card.

“Z-WOP” is the co-main on the ShoBox card.

AG: The IBF currently has you ranked ninth amongst the junior middleweights. Not looking past your next opponent but assuming you are victorious, what would you like to do next?

CC:  What I really want to do is get one more good fight in before the end of the year. Next year, I want to work towards either a title shot or title eliminator.

AG: Anything you want to say to the fans that will be tuning in? Also, where can they purchase your merchandise to support you and how do they follow you on social media?

CC: Make sure you tune in on October 7th as me and my brother are going to put on a show. We are coming in there to win, dominate and show the world we are a force to be reckoning with in both divisions.You can purchase Team “Bad News” merchandise on FTWR and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @charlesconwell.

My Three Cents: As I have mentioned previously, Charles Conwell is a contender with tremendous upside. Showtime understands his potential and thus have billed him as a headliner on their ShoBox card. Want to know who is the future of the junior middleweight division? Then look no further as Charles Conwell will be that fighter, I believe.

On October 7th, will this be the official coming out party for Charles Conwell to the boxing world or will Wendy Toussaint stamp his name as the fighter to watch in that division? Tune into this weekday special on Showtime and see for yourself.

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