Taking a Look at the Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder Fight Deal



Taking a Look at the Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder Fight Deal

In the past couple of months, both Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua finally agreed on a bout after going back-and-forth at each other for several years. After the news broke out, boxing fans were thrilled to know that the long-lasting drama ended and the two fighters would square up in Saudi Arabia on either August 7th or August 14th. 

But, just as things seemed great, Fury was slapped in the face with a possible lawsuit as his third fight against Deontay Wilder needed to take place. Boxing fans were left disappointed again as Tyson's fight against AJ was scrapped and now the Gypsy King needs to hand the Bronze Bomber his fight. 

We wanted to take a closer look into this agreement and name the reasons why a trilogy must happen. But first, let’s take a look at the outcomes of the first two fights. 

The First Two Fights 

The first fight between these two heavyweights was held on December 1st 2018. The fight marked Tyson Fury’s comeback after battling several years of depression and substance abuse. While many counted him out, he managed to put on a solid performance and even though he was knocked down a few times, the fight ended in a draw, hence a rematch was supposed to happen. 

Knockdowns weren't enough to give Wilder the win in the first fight.

Thanks to his impressive performance, many bookmakers considered him to be the favourite in the rematch. Betting sites such as 2 even provided punters with special bonuses that can be applied on this bout. The second fight saw Tyson Fury as the winner after he TKO'd Wilder in the 7th round and he won the WBC and vacant The Ring, and lineal heavyweight titles.

All eyes will be focused on Wilder, as we wonder if his psyche will hold, after being hammered by Fury in the second clash.

After the second fight, rumours started circulating about a trilogy but it was scrapped once Tyson Fury and AJ started negotiating the super-fight. 

Why Does a Third Fight Need to Happen? 

Now, even though the trilogy fight was scrapped and everything seems clear, the deal that both Fury and Wilder signed apparently contained information stating that it must take place. That is why an ex US judge, following  arbitration, has ruled in favour of Deontay Wilder and he even stated that the third fight must take place by September 15. 

If Fury does not want to fight Wilder, he will have to pay around $8 million in penalties.

Eddie Hearn Says Fury Had Chance to Terminate the Deal 

Of course, AJ and his side were furious about these events and AJ took to Twitter to say that Fury is nothing but a fraud and that he showed his true persona. More so, Eddie Hearn recently stated that Tyson Fury had a chance to terminate the trilogy back in December, but decided not to act on it.

So, to the disappointment of many fans, it is now highly unlikely for us to see the highly anticipated bout. 

Why is The Trilogy a Massive Obstacle for Tyson Fury?

The trilogy fight will not mean much for Tyson Fury as he has everything to lose and nothing to win. If he loses, the chances of him fighting AJ will be low as he’ll lose all belts. Losing the belts will bring yet another achievement that both AJ and Fury will miss on. The heavyweight division hasn’t had an undisputed champion since Lennox Lewis did it in 1999. 

On the other side, if he manages to win, Fury will be back on square one as he will have to re-negotiate the deal with AJ. In the meantime, Anthony Joshua is ordered to fight Oleksandr Usyk. 

There’s no denying the fact that all of us are exhausted with the negotiations between these two British fighters, which is why we are hoping that they will finally clash by the end of 2021.