Six Highly Educated MMA Fighters



Six Highly Educated MMA Fighters

MMA martial arts attract many students. If you are a successful MMA fighter, you can count on decent earnings, popularity, and recognition. However, to become a good fighter you need to train a lot and, therefore, there will be no time left for writing academic papers. Fortunately, the writing service 2 can help with this.

Most importantly, if you're being carried away by MMA, do not forget about getting a higher education. We have crafted for you a selection of famous MMA fighters who can boast they've obtained higher education, so that you take an example from them and stay in school.

1. Justin Gaethje

Gaethje, 31, was born in Safford, Arizona, USA. He is a bright knockout fighter. In professional MMA, he had 23 fights, in which he won 21 victories (an impressive indicator). Moreover, only two scraps Gaethje won by points, the rest before the end, and 18 of them by knockout. Gaethje began his career as an athlete at the age of four, in wrestling. Back in school, he became a two-time state champion in Arizona, in wrestling, and then at the University of Northern Colorado he was named Division 1 All-American.

In addition to wrestling and mixed martial arts, Gaethje also played football and baseball. Gaethje has a college degree, he earned a bachelor's degree in social services from the University of Northern Colorado.

2. Al Iaquinta

Due to injuries and various circumstances, Iaquinta did not fight for two calendar years and returned to UFC in a duel with Diego Sanchez. The return turned out to be triumphant, the New Yorker blasted out Sanchez in the first round in April 2017.

The fighter is a real estate agent and showed an ability to adapt, as the best fighters due, by learning a new craft, as a realtor, when he was on a hiatus from mixed martial arts.

3. Joe Lauzon

The fighter is really good at computers, as in 2007 he graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's degree in computer science. The fighter then worked as a network administrator in Cambridge, Massachusetts before beginning training in mixed martial arts full-time. The fighter is 35, and told Dana White before his last fight that if it didn't go well, he'd stop fighting. He won, though, so he's sifting options. Like any good student, he's always wanting to test himself. He owns a gym, but also is interested in doing commentary.

4. Jeff Monson

Jeff Monson grew up in Minnesota, has voiced approval of anarchists' principles, and became a Russian citizen in 2018.

Jeff was born and spent most of his childhood in the town of St. Paul, located in Minnesota. After school, the young man entered the University of Illinois. He received a bachelor's degree in psychology, and then graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a graduate degree and became a certified child psychologist. In this specialty, the athlete worked for several years as a child and family psychologist, while climbing the MMA ladder. It's fair to say he continues his education, outside of typical spheres. In 2018, Monson was granted Russian citizenship, and has stated he's attracted to that nation because he believes in a more just economy for all beings.

5. Randy Couture

Randy Couture was the first to win championship belts in two weight categories and he's the only man with five championship title stints to his credit in UFC. Couture wrestled at Lynnwood High School in Lynnwood, Washington, and served in the United States Army (1982-88). He then attended Oklahoma State, where he was a three-time All-American, and in 1992 graduated with a bachelor's degree in foreign language and literature. Bottom line, he soaked up information inside and outside of typical school settings.

6. Brock Lesnar

The ex UFC heavyweight champion was a student at the University of Minnesota, after first attending Bismarck State College. He was born in South Dakota, and spent tons of time in Minnesota. Like the best students, he has a voracious appetite for picking up new talents. Wrestling, MMA, pro wrestling, he continually tests his mind and body.

Summing up

You can win titles and make loads of money, but eventually, the fighting career comes to an end. It's a good idea for every person, really, to go to school, and soak up knowledge, because after the body signals to stop fighting, you will need to use your brain to soldier on in life.