PED Usage Is Here, There, Everywhere in Boxing, Malignaggi Says, Citing Canelo’s Positive



PED Usage Is Here, There, Everywhere in Boxing, Malignaggi Says, Citing Canelo’s Positive

Get the damn memo, already, Paul Malignaggi urges you. Read the writing on the wall, it's written in Sharpie, in every language conceivable….

Watch bowling…or take up knitting for a living, the mouthy Magic Man and former fighting pride from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn said on Wednesday, in an interview with Elie Seckbach, if you don’t know that PED usage is rampant in the upper tier of the sweet science.

Paulie hesitated before getting warmed up, because he knows he stirs up a hornets nest and gets flagged for being overtly candid when he starts talking PED placement in the game.

“I tell you what, there’s a lotta things I don’t say anymore in boxing, there’s a lotta shit going on in boxing,” Malignaggi said, as James DeGale got loose behind him. “If it took a failed drug test for you to think Canelo Alvarez was just starting to be dirty, you gotta watch bowling, don't even watch boxing, bro.”

He compared Canelo Alvarez to disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, who got popped for PED use and had his legacy shattered after it all came out in the wash. He continued, citing MLBer Mark McGwire…

…and Sammy Sosa’s Popeye arms and mountainous physiques a few years after they were able-bodied but not overtly muscled speciments, and when their home run totals happened to uptick massively.

“If you need a failed drug test to realize some guys are cheating, you are a fuckin’ moron because you should knit for a livin’ instead of watching sports,” Paulie said (see video from Seckbach below), before finally ripping himself away from the matter.

My three cents: Paulie can be relied upon to speak his mind, even if that lack of political correctness gets him in a hot seat. That’s to his credit. And yes, maybe his speaking on it will be helpful in getting the PEDs out of the picture, so we can assume that users are the exception, not the norm.



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