Pacquiao vs. McGregor Sucks



Pacquiao vs. McGregor Sucks

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Don't get me wrong– it's an action fight that would be far better than Mayweather Vs McGregor— but this is about respect and the lack thereof. We know it's a politically correct cash grab for Senator Pac-Man that would pack the stands, but short of it being held in Manila it's just all wrong. Here's where Floyd having an issue with someone facing his “leftovers” has validity and substance. Since when has Manny Pacquiao been about gimmicks?

The fan in me wants Pacquiao to retire.

Manny Pacquiao is a Senator and may have his eyes on being President in the near future.

How about one for the people, not the money, Gatling says.

If he put together a farewell campaign in front of an adoring faithful in the Philippines, now things get more palatable. But this? All it would prove is Pacquiao the politician has rubbed elbows with too many greasy types in suits uncovered. Lollipops that lie a lot i.e. a bunch of suckers.

Put it together where a few up and coming Filipino fighters appear on the card, then OK… We can live with the WBA sanctioning a fight in the same manner that the aforementioned Mayweather Vs McGregor was. All Floyd did was have Gervonta Davis featured solidly on the undercard, putting Tank in front of millions of living rooms internationally. Pacquiao can offer the same, but will he? It says here that fight is in Las Vegas and benefits anything but his countrymen.

Consider something, Manny. You have always proudly represented your country but never had a major bout there. Also too, your last fight against Keith Thurman saw you dial back the clock in thrilling fashion.

How many more performances of that magnitude exist in your 42 plus year old body? 

As thrilling as the Thurman victory was, the optics can't miss the amount of punishment you sustained along the way; a victory that would most likely leave you as fodder for Terence Crawford or Errol Spence Jr, two fighters who should be figuring out how to fight each other without using you for future PPV buys.

Here's my real point in all of this… You can go out a winner, while making sure an entire archipelago of the Far East benefits from The West. Learn from Floyd Mayweather. “Money” understood that he was far beyond “Pretty Boy Floyd” and only used “TBE” to inculcate into the minds of fans that he was The Best Ever, whether true or not. He had the temerity to resist the fate of predecessor Sugar Ray Leonard getting Terry Norris‘d by let's say Spence. Or worse by getting smoked by Bud. It was smart. Make the best possible deal happen for love and country then hang em' up. If all else fails, do it for the love of your God.

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