New Deontay Wilder Video Comes Off A Bit Bat-Shit



New Deontay Wilder Video Comes Off A Bit Bat-Shit

He'd been off radar, for the most part, and maybe it's better he go back to that…

Deontay Wilder put out a new video, and judging by the reviews on Twitter, people seem to be wanting him to go back on silent mode.

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Fury @gypsyking101 it is time for you to be a man and honor your agreement. What is this bullshit of you fighting Carlos Takam instead of me, you got to be kidding. When you were going through your darkest time, I told you that if you got yourself together I would give you a title shot. Being a man of my word, I gave you the title shot. When that fight was a draw, I told you that I would give you a rematch. You know I was offered more money to fight Joshua than I was getting to fight you. Again being a man of my word, I fought you like I said I would. In the rematch agreement, there was a rematch clause. Now it is time for you to be a man and honor your word, instead of trying to weasel out of our agreement. Scared people run but a scary man will break his contract you coward Azz B**čh! 🎥 @205willie #BombZquad #TilThisDay #YouThiefPayBackIsComingTrustMe

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The Alabama-based boxer did a video session a few days after his Feb. 22 loss to Tyson Fury, and promised he'd be back. That effort struck some as strange, like he was playing a part, trying to get some of that pro wrestling energy out there. This effort is maybe, arguably, worse, in that he accused Fury of cheating, and then also calls Mark Breland a “disloyal trainer,” because Breland threw in the white towel Feb. 22, after seeing Wilder get smacked around for several rounds.

“The bible tells us that silence…is golden,” the 35 year old ex titlist says, in a darkened room, suitable for a seance. “But my ears can still hear and my eyes can still see. The Bible also tell us to be swift to hear, and slow to speak,” he continued, and a listener might have found themself asking him to speak faster, and get to the point.

He did, sort of, going at Fury, for cheating him, supposedly, of being able to achieve his full and proper measure of glory. Wilder had help with this video, we saw a cut to the first Fury vs Wilder fight, and corner man Ricky Hatton pulling on Fury's glove. Looks innocuous to me, but Wilder has been alleging for some time that Fury does funny things with his mitts. The funny business in the second fight, he tells viewers, caused a cut in his left ear. “I highly believe you put something hard in your glove, the size and shape of an egg weight. He says the hard object left a “dent in my face,” and we see a cut to the contour of Wilders' skull.

“But in the midst of it all,” he continued, licking his lips like he needed a sip of water, “you still couldn't keep this king down. You woulda had to kill me. In the end, it took a crab in the bucket referee and a disloyal trainer to throw the towel in just to stop me,” he said, as we saw the decent soul that is Mark Breland explaining to Wilder that he didn't want to see him die in the ring, on Feb. 22.

Whether he was talking about Fury or Breland isn't fully clear, as he offers more bible quotes, about people who steal.

“Payback is coming,” he finished, adressing, we suppose, Fury, who has said he doesn't want to wait to fight, and that he'll find another challenge rather than Fury-Wilder 3.

I'm sure the Wilder video resonated positively with some folks, to me it sounded bat-shit crazy.

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