Wilder Posts “Interesting” Video, Refers To Self as “Your King,” Promises To Regain Title



Wilder Posts “Interesting” Video, Refers To Self as “Your King,” Promises To Regain Title

This one is one of the more bizarre videos of this sort that we've seen.

Deontay Wilder filmed a clip, a shoutout to his “Bomb Squad Army,” promising that “the war has just begun,” and put it out on his social media stations Friday, six days after his devastating loss to Tyson Fury.

The 34 year old “Bronze Bomber” said that he's a warrior who will fight to the death, and you wondered if he was reciting lines and in his mind acting in a film.



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“I see you in a few months, for the war has just begun. All my love, to all my people,” stated the 42-1-1 Alabama native. He said he would fight to the death..and that he'd regain his WBC title.

From pre Feb. 22, 2020.

I watched it, and it was late, and I was tired, so maybe my interpretation was affected by fatigue. But I found myself wishing Wilder had taken a nice vacay, cleared his head all the way, decompressed…then maybe shot a video if he wanted to. Referring to himself as “your king” felt…off.

“Your king is in great spirits,” he declared. Really?

I hope he now gets that vacation, and relaxation time.

To end on an up note, Wilder told Lance Pugmire that he was retaining the services of Mark Breland, so that he saw the error his ways in taking aim at the humanitarian move by the Brooklyner is to be lauded.

Before Wilder shot this video, I posted a story to RING which proved prescient, because George Foreman predicted Wilder would move off of some of his more rash post-fight statements.

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