Moloney vs Flores Prediction: The Monster’s Masterclass



Moloney vs Flores Prediction: The Monster’s Masterclass

Australia must be absolutely buzzing for this weekend's Wildfighter Primetime boxing event, which will conclude with such an intriguing bout that a Moloney vs Flores prediction should come with a side of fireworks. Because this fight between Andrew Moloney and Judy Flores features two fighters in the primes of their respective careers, and takes place in the former's home country, it seems guaranteed that the fast-paced, speed-based style which both fighters will bring into the ring is going to be the talk of the boxing world come Monday. And considering the potential title fight implications that might come to either fighter with a win, those high stakes make an Andrew Moloney vs Judy Flores prediction more difficult than the odds may suggest.

Wildfighter Primetime: Moloney vs Flores Prediction

Andrew Moloney Preview

While Andrew “The Monster” Moloney (25-3 professional record with 16 KO's) is the man around whom this Wildfighter Primetime card was built, that doesn't detract from the fact that Moloney's last fight ended in devastating fashion. Back in May, Moloney was knocked out by Junto Nakatani with an overhand right in the twelfth and final round of their WBO World Super Flyweight title fight. Considering how badly that loss must have stung for Moloney, there are a lot of questions for “The Monster” to answer once he enters the ring on Saturday.

Yet, an understandable Moloney vs Flores prediction would be for Moloney to bounce back from that loss in impressive fashion. What's for sure is that Moloney — who is currently a -835 favorite — will be fighting on front of his home crowd in Australia; and that hometown support could be just the boost that Moloney needs in order to get back on the winning track.

Once that first bell rings, expect Moloney to start fast, and work his way into range with a dazzling array of feints, combos, and adept footwork. While Moloney isn't the most devastating puncher, in terms of power, he has amassed 16 KO's to this point because he has a knack for finding his opponent's weak points. Since Judy Flores has shown a few weak points in the past, we expect Moloney to capitalize early and often.

Judy Flores Preview

Although Judy Flores (13-1 professional record with 7 knockouts) is going to be fighting on foreign soil this weekend, don't expect to see him phased at any point. Flores' calm, easy-going, and seemingly carefree demeanor has made him a fan favorite for many, and one Moloney vs Flores prediction we feel certain about is that Flores win himself some more fans on Saturday night.

A Filipino prodigy of Manny Pacquiao, Flores employs many of the same fighting tactics that his predecessor used to great success over his acclaimed fighting career. This was perhaps best shown in his unanimous decision victory against Jonathan Taconing from February of this year.

In that bout, Flores did an excellent job of maintaining his distance for much of the fight, only engaging on his own terms, and landing brutal body shots to his opponent whenever the opportunity presented itself. Because Moloney will likely want to start fast on Saturday night, it makes sense for Flores to employ this same strategy: let Moloney tire himself out in the early rounds before Flores takes over late. Of course, that's much easier said than done.

Andrew Moloney vs Judy Flores: The Scorecards Say Moloney

Our official Moloney vs Flores prediction is that Andrew Maloney (currently a -835 favorite) is going to win this fight by decision.

Frankly, we feel that this fight card was set up so that Moloney would be able to bounce back from his devastating loss back in May. While this certainly isn't a guarantee, Moloney has a history of responding well — both physically and mentally — from his losses. After the second professional loss of Moloney's career, against Joshua Franco, Moloney responded with four straight wins in less than one calendar year. We expect something similar on Saturday night.

In fact, because we believe Moloney will be trying to prove a point and show that he can last the entire fight, we like his +160 odds to win by decision more than we like him to win by KO/TKO at -140.

But don't count out Flores, either. There's certainly a world where Flores comes out and shocks the Australian crowd, crunching Moloney with crisp combos to the body and gassing him out. For that season, if you think Flores (who is a sizable +535 underdog at the moment) is in line to win this fight, consider a bet on him to win in the eighth round or later.

Although it's up in the air whether this fight is likely to end with a decision, or via knockout victory, Australia should be in for an excellent showcase between two hungry fighters trying to prove who reigns supreme in the ring.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.