Mike Tyson Clears Up Interview Concerns



Mike Tyson Clears Up Interview Concerns

Mike Tyson, one of the world’s greatest ever heavyweights, made an appearance on Good Morning Britain earlier in the week. The show, which airs on ITV and is hosted by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid in the UK, starts at 0600 GMT but regularly has guests appearing from overseas.

Tyson, age 54, the youngest boxer to win a world heavyweight title, was appearing live from Los Angeles to discuss his boxing comeback with the show’s hosts. However, during the chat, viewers quickly noticed Iron Mike was slurring his words as he spoke, and this understandably created concern.

The former heavyweight champion of the world later moved to ease worries by suggesting he was tired as he had fallen asleep while waiting for the interview to take place, which was late in the USA and early in the UK.

In the run-up to his comeback fight, Tyson has been training hard and then heading to bed early, and this is a reason he cited for his concerning appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Mike Tyson is in training for his comeback of sorts, a Nov. 28, 2020 exhibition vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson is arguably one of the best fighters of all time. He was the youngest heavyweight champion of the world and the first to hold all three belts (WBC, WBA and IBF). Mike is definitely an iconic figure in sport, has had a big media presence the last 3 decades, and even has games bearing his name, like the 80´s Nintendo release Mike Tyson´s Punch-Out! and more recently the 2. In the ring he was unrelenting, merciless and had a ferocious punch.

In fact, Muhammed Ali claimed that Mike was the hardest puncher he had ever seen. 

Iron Mike used Twitter to allay fears with regards to his interview. Morgan, the lead anchor of Good Morning Britain, then quote tweeted a response to his millions of followers to ensure everyone knew the heavyweight fighter was in good health. And that there was nothing to worry about ahead of his much-anticipated comeback fight, which takes place in California at the end of next month.

Tyson will go head to head with Roy Jones Jr. on November 28. The duo, both in their fifties, are boxing legends and millions are presumably eager to see how a fight between the pair plays out. Tyson hasn’t boxed professionally since his defeat to Kevin McBride in 2005, with the American losing three out of his last four before deciding to call it a day. Jones, on the other hand, has been inactive for a mere two years, after a unanimous points decision win against Scott Sigmon at cruiserweight in Florida.

Both Tyson and Jones Jr. have been using social media and other platforms to show the work they’re putting in during the run-up to the bout, the Mike Tyson exhibition of his still potent allure as a celebrity. Tyson, as you will expect, has been relentless in his training, and his speed and power look exceptional as he moves towards peak physical condition for the comeback fight.

Jones Jr., who has three years in age to his advantage over his older counterpart, will enter the ring as the underdog. Tyson, with his raw power, is the man many expect to win, but Jones Jr. is famed for his speed, reactions and reflexes, and could have the ringcraft and guile to overcome Iron Mike if he can withstand the early onslaught which will come his way.

It’ll be an exciting watch nonetheless, with Tyson suggesting he could still beat many professional heavyweights around today.